3 Things You Must Do To Be Successful On Instagram

By: TJ Sheffer
Califia Farms is a business that offers consumers “the most delicious, good-for-the-world foods” by applying creativity and innovation. They believe in beverage products that can be healthy and delicious at the same time. This company is known for its iconic bottles and superior taste. In addition to being tasty in terms of products they produce and cool in terms of their brand positioning, Califia Farms has recently been ranked one of the best brands on Instagram by HubSpot.

Here are three things that Califia Farms is doing right on Instagram:

1. Targeting a younger generation:

They post creative, fun, playful pictures, GIFS, and videos. This is appealing to the younger people, who are very “visual”, and it keeps their page relevant. They also offer videos on ‘How to’, such as, ‘How to use steamed non-diary for a coffee cocktail.’ They use emojis to help create a fun, playful post and spread positive emotions.

2. Tagging people involved/use of geo locations:

For many of Califia Farms post, they tag people within the caption and use the geolocation feature. Tagging people is important because it will not only be shared with your followers, but the person being tagged as well. This can double the engagement of your post. Geo Location is important too, as users make use of this feature to find things that are being posted in that particular location. For example, Califia Farms often say that their location is Los Angeles since they originate from California.

3. Posting frequently:

This is very important on Instagram because it keeps the page in their follower’s feed. Posting frequently helps stay relevant to followers, and grow the following by staying active. Being relevant and active is crucial for the success on Instagram.
Posting relevant, fun and playful content can boost your audience on Instagram, and Califia Farms took advantage of some of the best practices. By doing this, they have created a big following, more than 68K followers to be exact. If you are someone looking to build an audience, these and other best practices should be used to help achieve it.