#MDMC18 Twitter Chats

The Midwest Digital Marketing Conference (MDMC18) offers various activities for the audience to get to know the speakers. One of those – twitter chats – take place every week. During the chat anyone can ask the speaker a question regarding their area of expertise as well as their session at MDMC18.
The first twitter chat was held on December 12, 2017 with Yuval Yeret, the Agile Marketing Practice Lead at AgileSparks. Yuval’s MDMC18 session called “Can elephants dance? Agile Marketing at Scale – CA’s story”, explains how large, traditional marketing organizations can adjust and quickly sense and respond to customer needs and market changes.
In the twitter chat with the MDMC18 audience, Yuval Yeret spoke about the benefits of agile marketing for organizations, among which are working in a more sustainable and meaningful way. He explained that when a company’s marketing department switches to agile marketing, they find time to be creative; they transform the way they are working and leading, and then end up contributing more revenue to the business. Yuval also provided the examples of software used by agile marketing teams, such as Scrum and Kanban, and discussed the benefits of both.
MDMC18 will hold many more twitter chats for you to learn more about the speakers and their sessions:

 Jan 9 @ 10 AM CST Chris Brewer, Online Marketing Giant
Jan 16 @ 2 PM CST Steph Nissen, Atomic Revenue
Jan 23 @ 12 PM CST Tom Harness, Harness Digital Marketing
Jan 30 @ 10 AM CST Mitch Canter, Vanderbilt University
Feb 6 @ 12 PM CST Mike Alton, The Social Media Hat
Feb 13 @ 12 PM CST Keisha Mabry, The Connection Curator
Feb 20 @ 12 PM CST Aleshia Patterson, Nonprofit Marketing Magazine
Feb 22 @ 2 PM CST Evangeline Schultz, Regenerate Marketing, LLC
Feb 27 @ 10 AM CST Ryan Brock, Metonymy Media
Mar 6 @ 2 PM CST Dre Baldwin, Work On Your Game, Inc.
Mar 13 @ 12 PM CST Kasim Aslam, Solutions 8

When taking part in a twitter chat with the MDMC18 speaker make sure to include #mdmc18 in your tweet to send your question.