Join the Social Media for Non-Profits Panel with Brandi Bothe at #MDMC18

Brandi Bothe is Digital Marketing Specialist at Midland University in Fremont, NE. At her job she plans and executes digital marketing strategies and campaigns across web, SEO/SEM, email, paid search, social, and display. She also oversees social media across all channels, manages web presence and targeted landing pages, and assists in content strategy creation, and development.
Brandi is a member of the Barrientos Scholarship Foundation Board of Directors, and a volunteer Marketing Manager for Love Pack. She also teaches social media and email marketing for small businesses and beginners via the Interface called “The Web School”. In these workshops, she speaks about the strategy, shares free online resources for scheduling posts, stock photography, email platforms and more.
Brandi is going to be a panelist at the MDMC18 panel called “Social Media for Non-Profits”, together with Aleshia Patterson, Katie Stuckenschneider, Shuntae Shields Ryan, Mich Hancock, Stephen Schenkenberg, and Chris Strub.

In the pre-conference Q&A session Brandi shared some of her thoughts about digital marketing:
Q1. What are some big mistakes a business could make when it comes to digital marketing?
B.B.: The biggest mistake a business can make when it comes to digital marketing is not keeping up with current trends and standards. This is the biggest mistake because this one inaction can create a variety of challenges stemming from outdated sales tactics, subpar visuals, low performing content, and missed storytelling opportunities.
Q2. What do you think is the next game changer in digital marketing, such as a new, modern tactic, tool, or aspect of marketing? How will it evolve in the coming years?
B.B.: In addition to the game changers technology will continue to offer, brand responsibility will continue being a game changer in the digital marketing landscape. In recent years, the focus has been on authentic storytelling with a de-emphasis on hard selling. This has already begun evolving to include a focus on socially responsible marketing, which is essentially practicing business sustainably and ethically.
Q3. What is your favorite marketing book you have read lately? Or, what are a few of your favorite marketing blogs?
Hit Makers: The Science of Popularity in an Age of Distraction by Derek Thompson
Q4. What are some social media time management tips that help you stick to your campaign goals without losing a lot of time?
B.B.: Plan! Plan! Plan! Planning ahead and scheduling regular content gives you more time to create, curate, and improve future content. If you don’t have a content calendar, that’s the #1 thing you can do to improve your social media time management.
Q5. If you were looking to hire a digital marketer, what are the top 3-5 skills you would be looking for in a candidate?
B.B.: The top three skills I’d look for if hiring a digital marketer would be 1) willingness to learn: the desire and eagerness to stay current, 2) strategy and analytics: the ability to see the big picture while making results-driven decisions, and 3) copywriting: the ability to tell compelling stories.
Q6. What’s the industry buzzword that annoys you the most these days and why?
B.B.: Innovation. Businesses that are truly innovative don’t have to announce it on their packaging or say it in their ads.

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