#MDMC16 Construction Industry Fashionably Late to the Digital Party

UntitledBy: Elizabeth Snowden
We all knew it would happen sooner or later – traditionally-manual, low-agile industries would figure out how the technological revolution can work for them, and make their move. It seems like only yesterday (and for some it was) that businesses comprised of specialized human labor made the leap from written correspondence to email. Construction, mining, drilling, heavy logistical operations – all bring to mind images of workers in hardhats and back support belts, operating heavy equipment that cannot be 100% automated with a low margin of error. How can technological advancements benefit these businesses and ensure a high, sustainable adoption rate?
Cue Jobsite Unite. Not only have they introduced an app and services to foster community building and improve project efficiency, they address technological adoption, training and support. Their stylish website offers a freemium-based service (try me for free!), multiple digital platforms (smart phone friendly), and have rolled out impressive social media profiles on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Their app is available from the App Store and Google Play.
Jobsite Unite has capitalized on what we like about going digital: services we want at the press of a touchscreen, and answers to our questions from peers who understand their audience. Streamlining your business and promoting team building might free up so much of your time, you could reallocate that time to expand your business, bond with family, friends, take a vacation, or kick it with a beer and count all the extra money you’ve earned.
Come check out Jobsite Unite on April 21st at the Midwest Digital Marketing Conference at St. Louis Union Station, and allow them to wow you in person!

Brent Dykes: #MDMC16's Web Analytics Action Hero

Brent Dykes, who currently works as an Analytics Evangelist Adobe, is the author of “Web Analytics Action Hero.” With a background in computer software, Mr. Dykes considers himself a data storytelling enthusiast, consultant and evangelist. He has helped over 1000 global organizations utilize web analytics while working for more than a decade in the field of online marketing. With this experience in management at Omniture/Adobe, Mr. Dykes has assisted teams of all sizes with analytics for marketing.
Brent has long been an evangelist. In his more recent roles as data analytics consultant and acclaimed speaker and his former marketing functions, Brent remains passionate about spreading data-driven words using cutting-edge innovations he helps evangelize collaboratively for clients of all walks.
In his current role as Analytics Evangelist at Adobe, Brent crowdsources collaborators, speaking event participants and, not least, broader users and/or stakeholders in his unique storytelling style of evangelizing data analytics solutions developed by Adobe, particularly flagship product Adobe Analytics. The engagements, speaking events and webinars are, for Brent, multichannel data analytics platforms aimed at evangelizing solutions for data handling, processing and management.
In his passionate efforts to evangelize, Brent has not been short of more channels for his web analytics interests. In his Web Analytics Action Hero and Web Analytics Kick Start Guide, Brent makes a case for web analytics by offering fresh insights into cutting edge data marketing and optimization solutions and filling in a practical gap of useful analytical strategies in current offerings.
Brent admits, in his web footprint, his dedication to marketing, notwithstanding his more recent data-oriented professional experiences. The common ground for Brent’s ability to market remains, however, his immense skill to capture attention by well informed storytelling, a skill seasoned by extensive experience in speaking publicly and for executives and collaborators across different functions and contexts. Brent has led and/or participated in speaking events in US and Europe. His public speaking portfolio includes, for example, Shop.org, Adtech, Pubcon, and Adobe Summits.
Born a marketer, Brent evangelizes data analytics solutions by leading or participating in awareness raising programs and competitions including, most notably, Annual Adobe Digital Analytics Competition. By managing activities aimed at informing potential staff at Adobe on college campuses, Brent makes a case for corporate analytics as a driving force for future business intelligence insights and growth. Mr. Bert holds an MBA at Brigham Young University and a BA at Simon Fraser University.

Your Ultimate LinkedIn Connection: Jerry Bernhart

We would like to welcome Jerry Bernhart as one of this year’s speakers at MDMC16!
Jerry is Principal at one of the leading executive search firms in the nation, Bernhart Associates Executive Search, LLC. His company has served thousands of clients ranging from startups to Fortune 100 corporations in the U.S. and abroad for over 20 years. The company specializes in the fields of Ecommerce, Digital Marketing, and Multichannel Direct Marketing.
We are happy that Jerry Bernhart could join us as one of the Breakout Session speakers at MDMC16 on April 21st. Check out some of the highlights of our interview with Jerry below:
What does “content” mean to you?
“It’s original.”
Who wants to read something that they’ve already seen at a million times? No one! You need to give your audience something that they can’t find anywhere else.
If you’re creating content on a topic that’s been written about for a while, try to put your own spin on it or explain it from a different point of view. Adding original thoughts will help your content reach new people.
“It engages.”
You want your content to engage the reader. By the end of your blurb, they should have learned something or been entertained. By engaging your reader, they will want to keep reading what you post and possibly even share it with their friends or followers.
“It’s actionable.”
Your content should also give the readers a call to action that will tie up why they’re on your website looking at your content. You can ask them to “call now” or “sign up now” for your newsletter; whatever is best for yourself or business.
So what about digital metrics for gauging how well your content is being received?
Jerry tells us that he puts the most emphasis on Bounce Rate (single-page sessions or sessions in which the person left the site from the entrance page without interacting with the page) & Average Session Length.
In Jerry’s line of work, it’s important that he grabs the attention of current & future clients immediately; “I know that the longer they are there, the stronger the impression I will make.”
Looking at Bounce Rate and Average Session Length will show you whether your landing page is appropriate, what content is working on your website, and if people are staying on your website.
For more insights from Jerry, check out his book Careers In eCommerce and Digital Marketing.

Brandon Dempsey, Leading the Charge at goBRANDgo!

brandon dempsey

By: Robert Aguilar

brandon dempseyUMSL Digital would like you to meet Brandon Dempsey, partner and co-owner of goBRANDgo! and one of our speakers at the Midwest Digital Marketing Conference. goBRANDgo! works with companies looking to claim market share. Their team builds strategies and plans to assist firms with marketing and lead generation. They also oversee the execution of these strategies with their team of designers, developers, and managers. goBRANDgo! offers services like content and web development, design, multimedia, and coaching. Continue reading “Brandon Dempsey, Leading the Charge at goBRANDgo!”