Student Feature: Howard Stamps III, marketer in the making

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 11.12.11 PMMarketing has shown to be one of the most profitable and essential areas in business. It is the business of promotion and selling products or services, including market research, advertisement, social media, community outreach and more. Having already experienced real-world marketing attributes, enrolling in Intro to Social Media Marketing at the University of Missouri-St. Louis (UMSL), only enhanced his skills. UMSL graduating senior and soon to be Alumni, Howard Stamps III, has embraced the marketing realm from not only in his undergraduate career, but from operations in Fortune 500 companies, in the St. Louis metropolitan area.

Howard took a deeper liking for marketing, as an Information Technology intern for Centene Corporation, in Clayton, MO. As an intern, he interfaced with almost all employees including senior management at both their corporate headquarters, and other company sites. In particular, he had the opportunity to meet the Senior Director of Marketing and Communication, John Lee. Timing and introductions couldn’t have been more perfect for him, as the department was preparing to release all-new marketing products and materials for the company.

“When I would pass through the marketing department, it was always a fun environment,” said Howard Stamps III. “It just always seemed like an upbeat and cool environment to work in. Even the Directors corner office was cool to just observe.”

Having been able to intern for the company throughout the semester, Howard had the opportunity to switch positions and departments, as a Marketing Intern.

To better support this intriguing move, his enrollment in Intro to Social Media Marketing assisted with his social media and website responsibilities.

“Facebook and Twitter, Facebook and Twitter, we need to get that on the sites, was all I was hearing,” said Stamps. “Besides the many press releases that had to be written and uploaded, social media was my baby.”

Having thought to know it all about an effective message when using social media, he was wrong. Danni Eickenhorst, Associate professor for Social Media Marketing department, taught him many skill sets that played majorly in his job success. From minimizing word use, how to effective broadcast message, maintaining brand image and followings. All of which, were used and shown noticeable to the company. With the internship coming to a close due to graduation this fall 2014 semester, he is inquiring to stay on-board with Centene Corporation, to grow and seek more opportunities in the field.