Creating LinkedIn Groups that Add Value

LinkedIn Groups

By: Jamie Lockard
LinkedIn GroupsLinkedIn Groups…ugh. Most people have a Love/Hate relationship with them. They love the “promise” of a group and the value they get from one that’s well-managed, but they hate the spam-y-ness and irrelevant chatter that some groups spew. However, done well, LinkedIn Groups can be an invaluable tool to growing your business-to-business endeavor.  Continue reading “Creating LinkedIn Groups that Add Value”

Using Social Media to Track Down Talent For Your Next Job Opening

linkedin for hiring

By: David Craig
linkedin for hiring
Finding qualified employees to fill open positions can be a challenge. This is true whether you’re part of a corporate HR team or you run a small shop or office. It’s especially tough when your need is for a person with specific skills or experience.
You can post the opening on job-sites and your organization’s website. You might ask people in your organization and contacts in your industry for good candidates. Continue reading “Using Social Media to Track Down Talent For Your Next Job Opening”