Beyond Networking Welcomes Perry Drake!

The Who, the When, the Where?
On Tuesday, 9/22, Perry Drake will be covering Social Media for St. Louis’ Beyond Networking. Beyond Networking is a very important and one-of-a-kind resource available to St. Louis’ job seekers and business professionals. Beyond Networking’s mission is to help others as they are pursuing a new position or a career change.
How Beyond Networking Helps
Losing your job can be like losing your identity. Leading up to and during the Great Recession, the St. Louis business community experienced major simultaneous layoffs. Many of those who were laid off had not thought about their resume or dressing for an interview in years, if not decades.
networking-imageBeyond Networking (formerly GO!) was created out a need for the development of the soft and the hard skills new job seekers need to land their next role. Beyond Networking assists with everything from best practices for resumes, completing online applications and answering interview questions to providing emotional support and financial information.
Weekly Meetings
Every Tuesday, Beyond Networking meets from 9:00 – 11:45 am while a guest speaker discusses various aspects of the career transition process. Participants enjoy coffee, learn a new professional best practice and network with other attendees – for free. All are welcome, including students.
All upcoming meetings can be found here and the next several meetings are below:
9/22: Perry Drake Presents “Social Media… Just What is it?”
Perry Drake, Asst. Teaching Professor & Director of Business Collaboration UMSL – Social Media, will lead a discussion detailing the benefits and pitfalls of social media.
9/29: Kathy Bernard Presents “Personality Tests”
Did you read the recent article in Time Magazine? Companies are relying upon personality tests to see if you fit in their culture and philosophy. Have you taken Caliper? Wunderlik? Kathy owns and has provided many seminars on important tools to use. LinkedIn changes every day, are you doing the most to maximize your presence?
10/6: David Hults, Career Coach, Author and Speaker
David’s ‘game’ helped launch Beyond Networking-STL, providing assistance on changing careers, now with a new project to help folks that are employed, stay on top.

2015 St. Louis Design Week Preview: September 19-25

11902468_882834898431459_8219912847161200264_nSt. Louis Design Week originated from a want to inspire and promote the practice of design in St. Louis. From September 19-25, you have 45 chances to “Learn something. Make something. Do Something.” With events all over town, every creative or non-creative can find something up their alley. Here is a small sampling of some of the events you can attend. For the full schedule, visit
St. Louis Design Week Opening Party | Converge with all of the creatives, designers, principals, entrepreneurs, and design fans to celebrate the unfolding of an entire week of all things design! Join us for music, interactive exhibits, installations in the space and schmooze with design luminaries from the community at World Chess Hall of Fame. More Info.
The Sunday Story | The Sunday Story breathes life into one person’s untold story, bringing to life the important lessons and meaningful impacts. The storyteller partners with a team to elevate their story through design, public speaking coaching, and experiential event planning. Think of it as a blend of a religious sermon (with all the lessons but without all the religion), TED (with the same emotional impact but less speakers and data), and an Apple keynote (without the sales pitch). Join us for the Sunday Story and connect with St. Louis’ untold stories. More Info.
The Business of Creativity Panel | We’ve assembled a panel of leaders from a spectrum of design-related businesses to discuss the joys and hangover-inducing challenges of running a creative company. Panelists will share stories of their successes and failures related to attracting new clients, defining expertise, growing a successful business, hiring disgruntled liberal arts majors and more. More Info.
Design’s Role in Social Innovation Panel | Although design’s role is so prevalent in society through day-to-day interactions and global innovations, it can be argued that design is one of the most invisible fields of innovation. Through design thinking and social entrepreneurism, design has the potential to improve global difficulties and challenge human rights and social justice issues. Hear local designers and entrepreneurs discuss how design entrepreneurship can change the social sector, redefine the notion of social entrepreneurship, and be a catalyst for social innovation. More Info.
Women in Design Panel | How does the female perspective help define design today? Join us in celebrating and discussing the many roles women take on in the world of design, from creators to consumers. This one hour panel will bring together several local women from a variety of fields, including fashion, interiors and digital strategy, who will share how their diverse backgrounds, experiences and disciplines have helped shape their careers, their local community and their creations. More Info.

Upcoming Panel Event: The Reinvention of Marketing

Next Thursday, September 25th the UMSL Marketing Club will be hosting the “The Reinvention of Marketing: what it is, where it is headed, future trends” panel event at the JC Penney Conference Center  at UMSL. The Marketing Club is the only American Marketing Association Collegiate Chapter in the St. Louis area. As a collegiate chapter they work to engage and educate students on the marketing industry, as well as connect students and area marketing professionals.
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