#MDMC16 Speaker Feature: Dan Curran

By Chase Kohler
You could say Dan Curran has done it all. From serving as Ad club president and partner at Manifest Digital, to launching the leading marketing agency 10X Studios. This St. Louis based entrepreneur has consistently defined the digital landscape. Naturally, Dan was a perfect fit for MDMC16.
10X Studios was founded by the merging of Twist and Evolutionize. These two local firms have redefined the borders between earned and owned-media while providing unique marketing concepts for their clients. While the transition has just started, the local digital scene has already felt the impact- with employment from 10X expected to double in both St. Louis and Chicago.
In addition to his passion with brand activation, Dan is also an accomplished film director. His recent documentary ‘Saving St. Louis’ was met with warm reviews and screened on PBS. So what’s next for Mr. Curran and digital marketing? You can hear his thoughts during the ‘Social Media Strategy on a Dime for Small to Medium Sized Businesses” breakout session at 3:30 P.M.
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Meet Invisible Applications at #MDMC

By: Jacob Bryant
Invisible Applications formed after winning a start-up competition in November of 2013. The initial application they launched was the Invisible Girlfriend/Boyfriend the application would use information provided by you to craft a fake significant other to convince others that you are currently in a relationship. The concept took off, and just shy of 2 years after its birth the website has nearly half a million visitors that logged on from 193 customers!
The founders of Invisible Applications are Kyle Tabor, Matthew Homann, and Bredon Jones. Kyle is an MBA graduate of Washington University. Matthew earned a Political Science degree from the University of Illinois in 1990 and a J.D. from Washington University. Bredon Jones earned a degree in Spanish from the University of Kentucky in 1998. The original service was conceived by Matt based on his own experience after going through a divorce and wanting to end prying questions from family and friends.Invisible Applications says that thousands take advantage of their service for a variety of different reasons. Reasons include:
“Hoping to buy some time and convince my parents I’m in a relationship until I’m ready to come out.”
“Getting a clingy coworker off my case”
“I’m in the army and want someone to write to”
The Invisible Girlfriend/Boyfriend experience offers 100 texts, 10 voicemails, and a handwritten note from a faux partner who interacts with the customer in real time at a cost of $25 per month.
Invisible Applications will be at the MDMC in the Tech Alley, come talk to them and learn more about their story and experiences!

#MDMC16 Podcast: A Chat With Unidev

By: Chase Kohler 
Among the top talent and sponsor at MDMC this year is none other than Unidev. Not only has the company shown constant support to UMSL Digital over the years, their brand manager Angela LaRocca also serves on the UMSL Digital advisory board. UMSL senior Chase Kohler returned to their Chesterfield HQ for a sequel ‘impromptu’ podcast- recorded only by laughter and a recorder. The interview touches base on how MDMC has become the biggest digital conference in the Midwest, and what attendee’s can look forward to. Unidev also talks about their big product debut, and VP Andrea Bemis gives inspiring comments on embracing the digital landscape.
A special thanks to Angela LaRocca, Andrea Bemis, and the entire Unidev team for their hospitality and laughs. Be sure to stop by there exhibit and the ‘Innovation’ panel at 2:55 P.M.

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#MDMC16 Speaker Feature: Edward Domain

By: Jacob Bryant
Edward Domain: veteran, TV personality, activist, CEO, and a speaker at this year’s MDMC! Edward founded what would become Techli in 2011 and came to St. Louis in 2012 after receiving an Arch Grant. Edwards’s company Techli created the TV show, ‘The Domain Tech Report”, which shows weekly on St. Louis Channel 9. His show discusses innovation news and technology that affects our daily lives, in business and at home. Edward not only created the show, but he hosts it as well. He interviews entrepreneurs and innovators from all over and his show has gained a following in St. Louis and across the nation. Interested viewers tune in online every week to see his show!
The story of how Edward got to his current position is almost as interesting as the man himself. An Army veteran, Edward has worked with the FBI, DEA, Border Patrol and participated in “Operation Bright Star.” Edward also graduated from the Army Airborne School as a paratrooper.
Unfortunately, Edward’s story also includes a negative event that had a large impact on his life. In 2013 Edward was involved in an accident while riding in a cab and was very badly injured. The cab he was riding in was uninsured and the accident landed him in a hospital for 6 months. Edward didn’t want to see what happened to him happen to others, so he became a political activist. Edward campaigned to make the St. Louis Metro Taxi Commission to enforce regulations for cabs having insurance and to make the residing Board Chair step down. He was successful in both ventures. Edward’s work resulted in the commission has doubling their insurance liability limits.
Edward is an extremely talented man and speaker, come see him discuss innovation and more at this year’s MDMC!
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Brent Dykes: #MDMC16's Web Analytics Action Hero

Brent Dykes, who currently works as an Analytics Evangelist Adobe, is the author of “Web Analytics Action Hero.” With a background in computer software, Mr. Dykes considers himself a data storytelling enthusiast, consultant and evangelist. He has helped over 1000 global organizations utilize web analytics while working for more than a decade in the field of online marketing. With this experience in management at Omniture/Adobe, Mr. Dykes has assisted teams of all sizes with analytics for marketing.
Brent has long been an evangelist. In his more recent roles as data analytics consultant and acclaimed speaker and his former marketing functions, Brent remains passionate about spreading data-driven words using cutting-edge innovations he helps evangelize collaboratively for clients of all walks.
In his current role as Analytics Evangelist at Adobe, Brent crowdsources collaborators, speaking event participants and, not least, broader users and/or stakeholders in his unique storytelling style of evangelizing data analytics solutions developed by Adobe, particularly flagship product Adobe Analytics. The engagements, speaking events and webinars are, for Brent, multichannel data analytics platforms aimed at evangelizing solutions for data handling, processing and management.
In his passionate efforts to evangelize, Brent has not been short of more channels for his web analytics interests. In his Web Analytics Action Hero and Web Analytics Kick Start Guide, Brent makes a case for web analytics by offering fresh insights into cutting edge data marketing and optimization solutions and filling in a practical gap of useful analytical strategies in current offerings.
Brent admits, in his web footprint, his dedication to marketing, notwithstanding his more recent data-oriented professional experiences. The common ground for Brent’s ability to market remains, however, his immense skill to capture attention by well informed storytelling, a skill seasoned by extensive experience in speaking publicly and for executives and collaborators across different functions and contexts. Brent has led and/or participated in speaking events in US and Europe. His public speaking portfolio includes, for example, Shop.org, Adtech, Pubcon, and Adobe Summits.
Born a marketer, Brent evangelizes data analytics solutions by leading or participating in awareness raising programs and competitions including, most notably, Annual Adobe Digital Analytics Competition. By managing activities aimed at informing potential staff at Adobe on college campuses, Brent makes a case for corporate analytics as a driving force for future business intelligence insights and growth. Mr. Bert holds an MBA at Brigham Young University and a BA at Simon Fraser University.

You Only Have 60 Seconds: #MDMC16 Welcomes Startup benjamin!

By: Chase Kohler
benjaminlogo2With less than a month before the Midwest Digital Marketing conference, it’s only fair to feel the nerves as an explosion of information, passion, and disruption engulfs the greater St. Louis area. Much more than a traditional marketing conference, #MDMC will also showcase the latest in local innovation. In partnership with Arch Grants, Union Station will feature 20 of the hottest startups across St. Louis. Continue reading “You Only Have 60 Seconds: #MDMC16 Welcomes Startup benjamin!”