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The UMSL Digital Mindshare #TopTweeps contest continues! Nominations are rolling in and our front runners are listed below. Keep up your nominations coming through next week! For details on how to submit your nominations, click here.
Best of Art and Entertainment
Current Front-Runner: Luna Lounge
Best Local Brand
Current Front-Runner: @STLWineGirl
Best Business Leader
Current Front-Runner: @RossPR
Best Advocate
Current Front-Runners: @MayorSlay + @OASISInstitute – TIED!
Best of Sportsball
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Best of Fundraising
Current Front-Runners: @StevesHotDogs + @TenthLifeCats – Neck & Neck!
All Around Best Tweep
Current Front-Runners: @TravisSheridan

November 6, 2014

Nominate your favorite St. Louis tweeps for the UMSLDigital Influencer Roundup

Nominations due via Twitter by November 26th!
By Danni Eickenhorst, @STLDanni 
As the source for all things social and digital in St. Louis, we at UMSL Digital Mindshare are looking to curate a short (and surely not definitive!) list of the best Tweeps in St. Louis – that is, a short list of the greatest minds sharing their wisdom in 140 characters or less from the St. Louis region.
So, we want to know your votes for:
Nominate your favorite artist, band or other creative who is using Twitter to connect with St. Louis. Share folks who are using Twitter as part of their medium or to drive interest in their work.
Share your favorite brand using social media in the St. Louis region. Who is using it right? What makes you connect with them? BONUS POINTS for companies that were started or are based in St. Louis.
What person – a local thought leader, executive or entrepreneur – is doing it right in your eyes?
Which local tweeps are working to use social media for good? This category may include nonprofits, advocates, volunteers and the like.
Amateur, college or pro – nominate the team you think makes best use of their Twitter presence! Tell us why you engage with them and how they got you engaged!
Did your favorite nonprofit knock a campaign out of the ballpark using Twitter this year – or did you donate to a St. Louis crowndfunding campaign that leaned heavily on hashtags? Whatever it was, tell us all about it!
What local influencers do you turn to for information in St. Louis? Whose tweets are you subscribed to so that you never miss out?
Nominations are due by NOON on November 26th. All nominations must be tweeted with #TOPTWEEPS and tagged with @UMSLDigital in order to be counted.
The TOP TWEEPS IN ST LOUIS will be featured on the first week in December. BONUS: They’ll receive a shiny new badge for their profile or blog and bragging rights until next year!
Everyone is eligible, but you can’t vote for yourself! Let the voting commence!