Issue 26 Available Now!

Issue 26

Natural Bridge Issue 26, The Living Earth, is guest edited by Drucilla Wall and continues Natural Bridge‘s tradition of featuring the best new work from emerging and established writers.

From the introduction:

The response to the thematic focus for this issue—the living earth—has been wonderfully diverse, complex, deeply examined, and anything but the expected. The voices contained within explore the life we share with all that broadly includes the natural world, with its multitudinous ways of being and becoming, dying and bringing forth, knowing and forgetting. Each writer contributes to the vast web that is the Story of us all—intimate, subtle, sometimes funny, sometimes painful, always alive—the yearnings of human love and loss contained in a jar of cranberry sauce or a spot of swampland with parrots; the unexpected communion with the Sacred at a river’s mouth; or simply the cliff rocks themselves holding the dripping moss at the terrifying waterfall. If there is one unifying aspect, then it is that we ignore our connections to that living Story at our own peril.

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