Issue 29 Available Now!

Natural Bridge Issue 29 is edited by Mary Troy and continues Natural Bridge‘s tradition of featuring the best new work from emerging and established writers, including a new three-part interview with Meghan Daum.

From the introduction:

My job as editor of Natural Bridge, a journal of contemporary literature, consists mainly of providing oversight or advice to the other UMSL MFA faculty members who take their turns as guest editors and select work for the book we put out twice a year. I also have the privilege of working with our managing editor, invariably a talented MFA student with a bent toward publishing who does all the real work. I also oversee other of our talented and hard working MFA students, the advanced ones, who serve as assistant editors, readers of all the work submitted. Sometimes, as we did for this issue, we allow MA students to join in the selection process, and they make the job that much more stimulating. Oversight of all those listed above is easy, is fun, is uplifting. But every fourth semester, I’m given more fun, for it is then I have the privilege of serving as guest editor, and, along with the assistant editors, I read and sort and select from good work submitted by talented and emerging writers. This book, number 29, is not the result of call for a themed issue, but when I look at what we accepted, I see a theme has emerged: Ways we navigate through ourselves to a relative safety. Broad, yes, but not less fascinating for that.

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