Issue #30 Now Available

Natural Bridge Issue #30 is Edited by Shane Seely and continues Natural Bridge‘s tradition of featuring the best new work from emerging and established writers, including a new three-part interview with Amanda Coplin.

Here is an excerpt from Seely’s introduction:

To edit a literary journal is to gain special insight into the ecosystem of contemporary literary writing. If reading a literary journal is like going to a fish market, then editing one is like hauling up a trawler net: we see not just the fleshy beauties packed in ice, but the full biome —everything that the ecosystem offers. And, while our oceans struggle under the pressure of our hungers, our literary ecosystem flourishes: each week, I and my editorial team found writhing in our nets an astonishing variety of living, breathing literary work. It became quickly clear what we might otherwise forget: that the world is full of writers. Brave, wild, passionate, dedicated writers. It was heartening, amid the constant reports of the waning of the written word, to be so reminded.

Of course, most of the writing we hauled up we had to throw back. Some didn’t suit us. Some was too similar or too different from what we had already taken. We made some tough decisions. We argued. We digressed. We ate leftover birthday cake. In the end, we brought back a clutch of rich, powerful writing that we are proud to present to readers. These are the fleshy beauties, presented for your pleasure and your illumination.