Attention all literary lovers: Natural Bridge Issue #31

Cover art by Nathaniel Gibson

All literary lovers out there: Natural Bridge Issue #31, guest edited by poet Steve Schreiner, is here! Get your copy today! The latest issue contains 160 pages of excellent fiction, poetry, and translation from around the world. The beautiful cover art is from Nathaniel Gibson (

Our literary journal contains the best fiction, poetry, and translations we received from over a thousand submitters.


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Natural Bridge Issue #31 is here! Get your copy today!

Here is a poem from Natural Bridge Issue #31: Recovery by Dustin Junkert

A swallow gulps a bread crumb

and the heart rises to meet it at the window.


Everything is half-shut! eyes and curtains!

The swallow flutters against the half-glass.


Lover, you have touched a blind

clock-worked mind. Cobalt spiderwebs


cling to the porch rails, rubbed with sun

flashing red and settling on yellow.


Imagine playing them with a smooth violin bow

the way one forgets to sign a paycheck.