Natural Bridge Podcast Episode 5

Episode 5 of the Natural Bridge Podcast is now available to stream through Soundcloud or you can subscribe to the podcast through iTunes. This episode features our nominees for the Pushcart Prize. Chris Souza, Andy Fogle, and Travis Mossotti read their poetry, and Bridget McDonald reads an essay by Kirsti Sandy. If you missed it, episode 4 with Alexander Weinstein is also available.

Pushcart Prize Nominations!


Natural Bridge is happy to announce our nominations for the Pushcart Prize!

Our nominations include:


“Man on the Floor” by Kirsti Sandi


“The Abandoned Quarry” by Travis Mossotti

“Ten Bands of an Oval Braided Rug” by Andy Fogle

“Occupy This Threshold” by Nandini Dhar

“Scion” by Chris Souza


“The War Ends Many Times” by Rachel hall


Congratulations to all our nominees! We hope to see you in the forthcoming issue of the Pushcart!