Issue No. 28, Fall 2012 – Contents

Editor’s Introduction






Issue 28 Poetry

Ken Haas, Gin and Tonic
Jennifer Moore, [If night is a house]; Sonetto; Orphan Song; One of Many Incarnations of a Tree
Vandana Khanna, Red Mantra
Marvin Shackelford, Letter Crossed Out
Ann Robinson, The Baptism
Michael Levan, Behind Our Bundled Up Son, Through the Window, My Wife Mows the Lawn
Michelle Turner, Matriarch, Age Seven
David Wyatt, Unexpected Heaven
Joy Gaines-Friedler, I Come Stumbling In
Michael Homolka, Madrigal I; Madrigal II
David Petruzelli, The Time Machine
Andy Fogle, The Corner Insists It Is the Place; One August Back in Falls Church; Non-Sequitur at Saratoga Battlefield
Mitchell Untch, Retakes
Robert J. Tillett, Is Fire
Kevin Boyle, Ham is Toast, Ham I Am; Drinking Alone


Alexander Weinstein, Ice Age
Sean Bernard, Hike
Charles Haverty, All of Us and Everything
Andy Mozina, A Talented Individual


Amy Monticello, How to Euthanize a Horse

The Natural Bridge Three-Part Interview

Author Aimee Nezhukumatathil
Editor Jim Schley
Reader Laura E. Davis