Issue No. 30, Fall 2013 — Contents

Editor’s Introduction







Walter Bargen, Absence of Elephants
Joe Betz, Strength In Certain Places; Summer Almanac
Kevin Brown, Jack Considers Options He No Longer Has; Jack Makes A Move
John Randolph Carter, Furrowed Barbers
Kathryn Gessner, Hungry
William Jolliff, Flowing Away With Amy; What Miss Tilly Knew
Meredith Kunsa, Like Beads On A String; Tasting The Dust; The Hanging Tree
Linda Parsons Marion, After Visiting My Father; Kiss The Forgiving Breast
Jennifer Perrine, Diligence; Gluttony
Andrew Payton, Watermelons
Joan I. Siegel, Collateral Damage; The Baghdad Zoo; Washing
Christine Stewart-Nunez, Crush; Didactic
Jason Tandon, Consolation
Harold Whit Williams, A Medium-Sized Theology; My First Rally


Jaimee Wriston Colbert, Erosion
Michael Fischer, The Good Kids On Treat Day
Roger Pincus, Ghosts
Dean Tuck, Bulgarian Summer


L.E. Kimball, Charity: A Memoir
Nancy McCabe, A Panda Raised By A Goose

The Natural Bridge Three-Part Interview

Author Meghan Daum
Editor Thomas Beller
Reader Adrian Brune