Issue No. 32, Fall 2014

Editor’s Introduction






no32 Cover Poetry

Karina Borowicz, Cut Hair; Regret
Mark Hage, Williamsburg
Pamela Davis, Three Days in Portland
Jackleen Holton, Searching You
Jocelyn Heath, Love Poem for San Antonio; Nomenclature
Jen Siraganian, Visiting the Moon
Gaylord Brewer, More Honored in the Breach: A Note to Ghost, Absent; More Honored in the Breach: The Visit of Old “Friends”
Julia Bouwsma, The Father to the Daughter
Daye Phillippo, The Extent of Passion
Krikor N. Der Hohannesian, Hear the Wind Blow
Brad Johnson, Closing Time; Land of the Black
Alison Palmer, Nocturne
Marilyn Ringer, Ballet at the Paris Opera
Erin Jones, Kerosene; Allamakee County
Marilyn Johnston, Leftovers
Wendy Dunmeyer, Cento to War
Jack Vian, The Bomb-Maker’s Wife; The Bomb-Maker’s Son; The Bomb-Maker’s Bird of Paradise
Nandini Dhar, This is How Tombur Became a History Textbook
Jennifer Perrine, Coronal; For the Lone Man at the Violence Prevention Center
Robert Evory, Archetype of Change; Archetype of Father
Michael Meyerhofer, Watching Scrambled Channels at Dustin’s House
Elizabeth Rees, The Day After the Day of Atonement
Paula Finn, Keep the Change; Lilongwe Statistic; The Village of Invisible Clocks
J. T. Ledbetter, southern Illinois winter funeral with guests and eats
Kristin Camitta Zimet, Scenes from a Surgery
Lesley Jenike, Punctum
F. Daniel Rzicznek, Shivaree


Keith Lesmeister, Can We Come in for a Minute?
John Twohey, The Road to Beaufort
Arthur Davis, Starling Schwartz
Ben Kostival, Sourdough
Cynthia Dockrell, Drift


Lewis Horton, Burning Rock, Texas
Ty Burson, Bagram

The Natural Bridge Three-Part Interview

Author Anthony Marra
Editor Lindsay Sagnette
Reader Douglas Feil