Issue No. 11, Spring 2004 – Contents

Editor’s Introduction






Issue 11 Fiction

Alice Ayers, Barney
Mithran Somasundrum, Any Blue Sky
Lex Williford, Nate and Drake
Christine Hale, Chewy
Tara Masih, Where the Dog Star Never Glows
Terri Brown-Davidson, Christina’s World
Richard Benjamin, Our Precious Stratosphere
C.D. Albin, Hard Toward Home
Jaimee Wriston Colbert, Fly Me to the Moon
Thomas Boulan, Supermarket Love
Mark Peebles Brown, Sin Loi, Mother Goose
Daniel Hoyt, Five Stories About Throwing Things at Famous People
Michael Scott, The Dancing Chicken
Amy Hassinger, Light the Light
Jacob M. Appel, Silent Theology
Gayla Chaney, Sharisse to the Rescue
Angela Hamilton, Rusted Nails
Michael Pritchett, What’s That Country


Jeff Friedman, Buying Another Year
Elisabeth Murawski, Almost Naomi
Jane O. Wayne, In an Old Desk
Jack Ridl, Grouse of the Circus Boss
David Thornbrugh, Shriners
Kathleen Flenniken, Passing For Mormon
Michael Sweeney, Waving Goodbye With Your Fist
Michael Levine, Displaced Lullaby
Adam Vines, Mine Rats
Askold Skalsky, Ungentle in the Night: Caitlin and Dylan at Laugharne
Bruce McCandless, It’s Not That I Mind
Victoria Brockmeier, red*star
Jill Osier, Whale Watch
Kirsten Smith, Divorce Poem
Natalka Mezenyeva, Someday He Will Come (Translated by James Brasfield & Oksana Tatsyak)
Fritz Ward, In the Morning You Ask About the Night
Shane Seely, Easter Apology
Laurie Klein, A Silence I Keep Falling Through
John A. Vanek, Chains; Another Found Poem
Michael Atkinson, Flight of the Emperor Penguin