Issue No. 12, Fall 2004 – Contents






Issue 12 Fiction

Adam Berlin, One Eye
Lawrence Cady, Absolution
Cecily Iddings, Curious Beast
Terry Dubow, In The Trees
Kevin Breen, The Donjek Route
Franz Kafka, Leopards In The Temple; The Tower of Babel; Before The Law (Translated by Henry Shapiro)
Cortney Bledsoe, The Cow Graveyard


Laurie Berry, My Mother’s Hair
Alisa Slaughter, Canyons, Fields Folded


Jim Daniels, Ringing Doorbells
Matt Dennison, Scrofula
Dennis Hinrichsen, Deer Poem
Sarah Rose Exoo, To My Daughter
DeAnna Stephens Vaughn, Footnotes
Courtney Walsh, Bill Bronk Reading
Mark Thalman, Newport
Kent Shaw, The lee shore
Lynn Veach Sadler, Gunning for the Big Bad Turks
Amy Herschleb, Confession Poem #1
Ben Berman, Balancing
Wendy Bishop, A New Poem About Old Losses
Ruth Holzer, Arden,West Virginia
Travis Catsull, The Last Raindrop
Carl Dennis, Beauty
Marcus Valerius Martialis, VI.40 (Translated by George Held)
Anne Bolstein, Scrimplay
Robert Arnold, Variations on “Self”
Michelle Brooks, This Final Bath
John F. Pleimann, Love Would be Good
Francis Reidy, Winter Landscape, Christmas 2000
Lyn Lifshin, April 13, 2003
Sarah White, Tipsy
Barbara Lau, Peonies
Rupert Fike, Origins of Hell
Mark DeFoe, Hippy Town Commune—New Mexico, 1970
Jeff Friedman, Dinner at the Warwick
Lisa Ampleman, “there is an ellectric fire in human nature tending to purify,” “the truth is there is something real in the World”
Ellen Wehle, What We Forgive
Jeff Knorr, The Only Time We Lost Our Son
Richard Robbins, Fur-Bearing Trout