Issue No. 13, Spring 2005: Diaspora – Contents

Editor’s Introduction






Issue 13 Diaspora Fiction

Elizabeth Huergo, The Cigar Box
Edward Belfar, The Ruined House
Deb Atwood, Flight

Diaspora Poetry

Claudette Mork Sigg, The Immigrants’ Daughter
Michael S. Begnal, Irish Cities; Another Exile
Kevin Boyle, Emigrant
Kathleen Hellen, Tokyo Rose
Christine Casson, Exile; Learning Death
Tyler Farrell, Transporting a Cow to the Mainland
Emöke Pulay, Nicknames
José Edmundo Ocampo Reyes, Approximations of Autumn
Myronn Hardy, Meeting, 1936
Geri Rosenzweig, Leaping the Ditch
Daniel Tobin, St. John
Megan Harlan, Clare Island

Diaspora Essays

Debra L. Cumberland, Locked Rooms and Opened Fields
Gerald Dawe, The Template of Europe
Noel Grogan, A Flag of Surrender
Angie O’Gorman, Crude


Sophia de Mello Breyner Andreson, Goesa; Tourists in the Museum (Translated by Alexis Levitin)
Grzegorz Musial, My Mother’s Appletree (Translated by Barbara F. Lefcowitz)
Reet Sool, Dasein (Translated by the Author)

General Fiction

Jacob M. Appel, Lessons in Platygæanism
Nathan Alling Long, The Last Hot Day of Summer
Steve Fayer, Beans at the Gee Whiz Café
Daniel A. Hoyt, Hank Williams Might Have Died Here

General Poetry

Gerald Fleming, The Train
Christine Gelineau, Bliss
Darcy Cummings, Shaping Clay; River Bank
Joshua Dolezal, Someday Johnson Creek
James Engelhardt, Lotus Eaters; Premises for Syllogisms; Wedding Gift
Jeff Friedman, Call from Little Rock
Lois Marie Harrod, Perhaps I Am Begging for a Rhyme Scheme
Richard Kenefic, Father and Son
Ray McManus, The long way home
Jennifer Pearson, Mountain Ash, KY
Oliver Rice, A Rafter Clicks
David Thoreen, Master of None
Joseph Lennon, Melody Lane
Elizabeth Wylder, Pablo Escobar’s Toilet