Issue No. 14, Fall 2005: Fragment & Sequence – Contents

Editor’s Introduction






Issue 14 Poetry

Jason Stumpf, Safekeeping; Gift Drawings
Brian Turner, The Baghdad Zoo; 2000 lbs.
Sarah Vap, Revision of Loathsome; Originally, the Earth was Loving Water; Benign Equivalents: Stop Drop and Roll. Or Left Right Left Again
Sapphire, The Rains
Brandi Homan, Echolocation
Jacqueline Jones LaMon, The Legend of Clarence Thomas
Rebecca Dunham, Wittgenstein’s Carpet
Rigoberto González, Abuelo’s Autobiography
Ross Gay, The Poet Dreams of His Father; Until Now; Litany
Deirdre O’Connor, Indelible Letter; A View from Here; Fragment
Camille Dungy, You Are Not the One Melinda Sings Her Underbreath Song to Please
Mike White, Conceit; Apricot; Looking Out to Sea
Denise Duhamel, Perimenopause
Timothy Liu, Doma; Shards; Why Not
Beckian Fritz Goldberg, Nude Shuffle, Lost World Shuffle; Valedictory Shuffle with Accordion and Grapes; Starlight Shuffle
Wendy S. Walters, Loneliness is a Monster; Modes of Conversion; Think of the Neighbors
D. E. Steward, Marzot
Adrian Matejka, from Looking for The Cantos in Texas: America’s First and Foremost Black Superstar; Colloquialism
Keith Ekiss, Ode to the Creosote Bush
Stacey Lynn Brown, excerpts from Song of the Knock-Kneed Grit
Kevin Simmonds, Riches Round
Allan Peterson, The Worst Obligation; Living to Tell About It
Ryan Vine, To Hsin Ch’I-cHi Whom I Have Just Discovered to My Infinite Delight
Barry Ballard, Orders for Vietnam


Virgil, from Georgics: The Praises of Spring; Bees in Battle (Translated by Kimberly Johnson)
Bogdan Suceava, Daddy Wants TV Saturday Night (Translated by the Author)


Kent Annan, A Drop of Water


Murzban F. Shroff, Traffic
Ayse Papatya Bucak, Mother/Daughter
Allyson Stack, Cinderella
Tayari Jones, Have You Known Me Lately?
Melinda Misuraca, The Basket
Trevor Dodge, Dear That Lane Bryant Girl