Issue No. 15, Spring 2006: Dreams – Contents

Editor’s Introduction





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Issue 15 Dreams

John Azrak, Lo and Behold
Stephen Campiglio, Neural Highway
Michael Castro, Three Dreams
Ira Cohen, Zebra Dream
Daniel Garrett, 4 Dreams with Holes in Them
Reuven Goldfarb, Animal Dreams
Joy Harjo, The Fire and the Gatekeeper
Laura A. Hazan, The Breakout
Jana Heffernan, The Fish Girl
Jascha Kessler, A Tourist
Caren Loebel-Fried, Three Dreams
Bettina Rotenberg, The Baby Laughed
Christine Simokaitis, Catalog of Dreams: Special Spring Breakup Issue
Thomas R. Smith, Dream on my Birthday in January

Dream Poetry

Karen Alkalay-Gut, The Old Queen of Dance
Diana Anhalt, Dreamscape
Yakov Azriel, The Dream of the Lost Princess
Jackie Bartley, The Dream Giver
Marvin Bell, from The Book of the Dead Man (Recent Dreams)
Carol Bergé, from the Shtetl
James Bogan, Nightmare in Belém do Pará; Metamorphoses
Alice Bolstridge, Dreaming
Andrea Hollander Budy, Wraith
Peter Carlos, Dreamfish
Martha Christina, What the Young Cranberry Dreams; Dressing for Sleep
Ira Cohen, Elephant Dream; Enter the Golden Age of Free Stuff; Early Morning Rag; New Delhi Vignette
Allison Creighton, The Fisherman of Treasure Island; The Wind Vane
Barbara Daniels, Dreams Mean Nothing
Chard deNiord, Abelard Speaks to Heloise from his Grave
Liz Dolan, For Once I am Able to Save Her
Gene Doty, Jugged Dreams; An Injured Dove; As A Vampire; Someone Else’s Script
Janet Eigner, Dream Compost
Eva Eliav, Writing at Night
Margarita Engle, Translations
Maureen Tolman Flannery, Night Vigils
Mardelle Fortier, Looking into the Eyes of Wolves
Isaac Goldemberg, Dream of the Dead Man; Dreams of the Man and the Woman (Translated by Stephen A. Sadow and Jim Kates)
Renée Gregorio, Fireweed
Rachel Hadas, The Winter Would
Margaret Hill, Dream House
Spencer E. Hurst, Because you asked where all the dead have gone; Harvest
Yair Hurvitz, Poem on Young Joseph, the Dreamer
Jane Ellen Ibur, Grief; Night Creatures; Wings Moist from the Other World
Maggie Jochild, Hibernation
Eve Jones, The Revelation of Helen Keller; How to Dream
Janet R. Kircheimer, Blessing; Release from Dachau
Lynne Knight, In One Dream; Dream Circuit
Joan Larkin, Dream at Sixty
Iven Lourie, A Question of Memory; The Daughter of Aeolus
Marjorie Manwaring, Nostalgia
Morton Marcus, In the Dream, My Spine; A Vision
Sandra Marshburn, Girl in Red Coat
Galen Martini, At Night
Max Martins, To Shan-Hui; Fragment of a Dreamt-Poem (Translated by James Bogan)
Seymour Mayne, Three Word Sonnets
David Meltzer, Dream Reels
Jerred Metz, Knots Untied
Pablo Neruda, Tree (Translated by Charles Guenther)
Jean Nordhaus, The Platypus Dreams Eight Hours A Day
Linda Pastan, Fever Dream
Marvyn Petrucci, Carrying Freud
John Pleimann, Come Shivering to Collect; All Grown Up
Matthew W. Schmeer, Drive all Night
Henry Schvey, A Dream of Kafka
Maxine Silverman, The Dreams of Women and Men
Myra Sklarew, Another Day
David R. Slavitt, Cauchemar; Monsters
Rebecca Spears, Night Not Completely Human; Lamentation
Gerald Stern, Traveling Backwards; Dream III
Jules Supervielle, My Body Filled with Dreams (Translated by Charles Guenther)
Michael E. Stone, Death
Colette Tennant, To Bad Dreams
Diane Wakoski, Dream Space
Jane O. Wayne, Night Travel
Marianne White, Everywhere
Wendy Wisner, Sleep
Linda Zisquit, Beauty and Sanctity; Erased; Falling

Dream Fiction

Kendra Paredes Hayden, The Weeping Woman
Natalie Reed, The River Daughter
Steve Sanfield, A New Song
S.L. Wisenberg, Demons

Dream Essays

Rodger Kamenetz, Freud’s Dream of Irma
Marc Kaminsky, Task of the Dreamer
Barbara Black Koltuv, The Song of Songs as Dreams of Love
Barbara Platek, Dreamwork: A Basement Story
Moisy Shopper, On Dreams
Lianne Spidel, Architectural Dreams

General Poetry

Gloria Attoun, Twin
Stan Badgett, Said the Merchant to Simon
Attila Balogh, from Gypsy Drill (Translated by Michael Castro and Gábor G. Gyukics)
Melissa Gurley Bancks, Moon Sighting; Message from the Dead
Edward Beatty, Forecast
John Brandi, The Gem Ghetto; Walking with Frank O’Hara and Po Chü-i
Hari Campbell, The Knife Sharpener
Michael Castro, The Loneliness & Generosity of the Word
David Clewell, The Only Time There Is
Christopher Crew, The Light Rail
Darcy Cummings, Photographing the Dead, 1898: Making Arrangements
William Doreski, Meeting the Famous Lobotomist
Bob Dyer, Who Knows What Jungles
Kelly Madigan Erlandson, Twenty-Five Years Later, She Learns her Ex is Dying
Allen C. Fischer, Occult
Ann Fisher-Wirth, And You Make Fretwork of My Bones; Of Skipper and Mrs. Hasselrodt
Jeff Friedman, The Garden of Last Chances; The Binding; Time Lapse; Lament; Still
Carmen Germain, Monody: Visitors Center, Olympic National Park
Gail Giewont, Decay
Tim Leach, Red Stairway, 1944
K. Curtis Lyle, Buffalo Soldier
Greg Nicholl, Twins: A Vision
Carol Niederlander, Angels on the Roof
K.D. Norwood, In the City
Paulo Nunes, The Cemetery at Évora (Translated by James Bogan)
Alicia Ostriker, Horse; Sunbathing; The Vocabulary of Risk; Laundry
Doug Ramspeck, The Water in Between
Askold Shalsky, Raspberries
Anne Shaw, The Visions at Lascaux
Marjorie Stelmach, A Woman’s Body in the Clearing
Amanda Crowell Stiebel, Cemetery Thoughts
Kristin Stoner, Making Muffins
Arthur Sze, Departures and Arrivals; Fractal; Labrador Tea
Brian Taylor, A Way to the Old Town; Salt Over the Shoulder
Carol Was, Eating a Pomegranate
Michael Waters, Joyride; O Positive; Omega
Reed Wilson, Collapse; Delivery

General Fiction

Moira Crone, It
Mark J. Mirsky, Babysitter
Steve Stern, from The Frozen Rabbi