Issue No. 16, Fall 2006: Writers Responding to Women Writers – Contents

Editor’s Introduction






Issue 16 Poetry Responding to Women Writers

A. E. Stallings, After Reading the Biography; Savage Beauty
Lenard D. Moore, Sonia Sanchez at Furious Flower Conference
Kelli Russell Agodon, The Lost Poems of Emily Dickinson
Ann E. Michael, Book, Blade, and Spine
Terri Witek, Walking Kimono (Sweet Flag Iris)
Jeanne Marie Beaumont, A Stein’s Sestina
Lana Hechtman Ayers, Sweet Stalk, An Elegy for Gwendolyn Brooks
Barbara Crooker, Knitting
Ann Fisher-Wirth, Heretic Narrative & Brief Lives
Robin Leslie Jacobson, At Copperfield’s Books, Petaluma, California, on Hearing Rosalie Moore Has Died
Ebony Golden, blessed
Annie Finch, A Ballad of Helen Adam
Sandra M. Gilbert, For Ruth Stone on Her Ninetieth Birthday
Mohja Kahf, On Reading Marge Piercy
Mary Ruth Donnelly, Thistles Grew
Anne Keefe, Poem of the White Minute
Rebecca Dunham, Ghazal in Minium
Shawn Fawson, Easter, 1373
Liz Robbins, Love of Mine
Trina Baker, Shattered
Rebecca Ellis, Grasshopper
William Woolfitt, Ladder
Helen Eisen, untitled continuation

Fiction Responding to Women Writers

Lee Upton, Inventing Emily Dickinson
J. G. Brister, Three Views of the Imagist Movement
Tamara L. Pavich, Tilt-A-Whirl
Lisa K. Buchanan, May Day

Essays Responding to Women Writers

Catherine Rankovic, A Native of an Unpoetic Place
Irene Reti, Comadre
Jesse Dwyer, Disorder

General Poetry

Marianne Worthington, To My Stunning Aunt, This Bitter Tribute
Andrew Sage, Paradise
Joel Friederich, Boy Lost at a Festival
Tess Farnham, Cedar Chest
Marcia L. Hurlow, Foreshadow
Erin Elizabeth Smith, Samsara in Illinois
Rachel Hadas, The Middle Way
Allison Funk, The Escape Artist in the Prairie
Jane O. Wayne, Blind Spots
Marilyn McCabe, Wooden Horse
Paul Hostovsky, People in Pediatric Oncology
C. P. Mangel, In the Gallery of Folk Art

General Fiction

Andao Tian, The Death of My Mad Uncle
Deb Jurmu, Explosive Device
Amy Gustine, The River Warta