Issue No. 17, Spring 2007: New & Emerging Writers – Contents

Editor’s Introduction






Issue 17 Featured Writers

Kevin Boyle, Interview, The Rub in Spring; Western Chant
Jack Garrett, Interview, Topanga
Elyse Fenton, Interview, Love in Wartime (I); Word from the Front; After the Blast; Gratitude; Notes on Atrocity (Baghdad Aid Station); Planting, Hayhurst Farm (June 5, 2006)
Evan Morgan Williams, Interview, The Great Black Shape in the Shallow Water
Sandra Kohler, Interview; Heraclitus and Others; Heraclitus, First Sighting; Heraclitus’ Food; Heraclitus and the Heart Transplant; What Heraclitus Said; Heron and Question; Heron, Present and Absent
Jennifer Merrifield,Interview, Breathing Underwater, Cold Harbor, Dear Slipknot—, Image in the Current, Picnicking in Dorset Park


Linda Tomol Pennisi, American Legion, Independence Day; Ralph Edwards’ Ballet Studio
Christopher Davis, In the Cold; Opening
Andy Cox, Childhood; Chain of Events; Look
Mairéad Byrne, The Pressure
Mark Neely, Four Flights
Mary Cisper, Pandora Sets the Table
Stephen Gibson, A PETA Interpretation of a Gentlewoman in a Frieze Showing a Banquet
Kathleen Hellen, The Girl Who Loved Mothra; Homage to My Mother’s Bath; Tojo Eats the Stones of His Defeat
Joseph Radke, Chances of Precipitation
Catherine Sherman, Three-Toed Sloth
Allan Peterson, Air Above the Valley; Cure
Robert Herschbach, Infidelity
Garrett J. Brown, Cubicles
Gaylord Brewer, Dead Metaphor #9: Pregnant Wife
Erin M. Bertram, [Mesmerist]; [On the Fledge]; [Sink Slowly the Earth]
Laurel Smith, Undiscovered Letter, V. Woolf to K. Mansfield


Malcolm de Chazal, Corpus from Head to Toe: Selections from Sens-Plastique (Translated by Irving Weiss)
R. Kimm, wie gesagt: “Andresam”/ “like the fella says—‘speakable’” (Translated by the author)


Ron Savage, Hollywood Suicides
Gloria Garfunkel, Birds of Prayer
Nina Ronstadt, An Ordinary Story
J. Edward Blaisdell, Salvatore’s
Chris Huntington, I Met a Guy


Jennifer Hurley, Pipes