Issue No. 18, Fall 2007: Temptation – Contents

Editor’s Introduction






Issue 18 Poetry

Andrea Bates, Live Feed
Matt Dennison, Premise
Tony Reevy, Buyout
Charles Baudelaire, Recueillement (Translated by Will Wells)
Ron Collings, We Breathe War; Charley
Stephanie Gray, The Faculty Wife
Barbara Duffey, Anniversary Weekend
Amy S. Debrecht, Argument in Early Spring
Grace Danborn, One Part, To the Body
Celia Bland, Lost Colony
Srecko Kosovel, Autumn Scene; Swan Poem (Translated by Barbara Siegel Carlson and Ana Jelnikar)
Jon Kelly Yenser, The Salesman Reviews His Territory
Heather Sellers, Photograph of Debra and Heather at Glen Lake
Judy Kronenfeld, Thaw
Amy M. Clark, Dumb; Bird Outside the Window
Ruth Holzer, Metaphora
Denise Duhamel, Divorcee Diptyph
Marcus Valerius Martialis, V.9; XII.58; XII.95 (Translated by George Held)
Bob Hicok, Talking to Hawkins
James Thomas Miller, Poem for Gator Hinds; The Rules of the Game
Lauren Mitchell, Tommy; Germ
Roy Nathanson, Saxophones
Tim Leach, Skinny Branches
David Clewell, from Just What We Need: A Lunar Preamble
Kerri M. French, Ten Reasons I’m No Longer Sleeping
Marilyn Kriegel, How Witches Are Made
Mary McLaughlin Slechta, Aria for Dolni Kralovice
Chad Parmenter, A Purr for Julie Newmar, the One True Catwoman
Hilary Sideris, Lure
Roy Yamaguchi, Lady
Raina J. León, Prison Escape
Dan Stryk, Only The Monkey Knows
Candace Pearson, Lock & Key
Sankar Roy, Widow Night
Patty Wirth, Vigil
Carol McCarthy, [The lion sits by my bedside, only it’s not a lion anymore]
Eric Pankey, Objects and Mementos
Karen Holmberg, Man O’ War
Carey Fries, Dressings
Mark Taksa, Sawdust In The Chapel; School For Bad Laughing
John Estes, If You Leave Off You Are Lost


Dale Denny, Big Aquarium
Debbie Urbanski, Want
James Vescovi, La Leche Is Good For You
Matthew M. Quick, The Tag
Emma Wunsch, Fingers
Charles Baxter, The Untranslated
Debbie Danielpour Chapel, Woodchuck


R. Dean Johnson, Water Gates