Issue No. 19, Spring 2008 – Contents

Editor’s Introduction






Issue 19 Fiction

Valerie Vogrin, Aim
Stephanie Dickinson, The Sweetness of Iraq
Kim Foster, Lifestyle
Claire Ibarra, A Glimpse of Color
Nathan Leslie, Just in Case
Ryan Stone, Catching Earl
Boris Vian, The Priest in Swim Trunks (translated by Julia Older)
Aimee Loiselle, The Things You Take, The Things You Leave
Eric Paul Shaffer, Teacher of Athletes
John Michael Cummings, Bill the Lottery God
Charles Gillespie, A Rest for the Weary
Deb Jurmu, Breath of the Wok


Mark D. Bennion, Sowing
Jürgen Becker, Correspondent (translated by Okla Elliott)
Jessica M. Brophy, his back
Jan Pettit, I need to break laws; Everything must go
Karen Hildebrand, Sleep Apnea
Claire Zoghb, The Relativity of Distance
Teri Ellen Cross, Wrath
Bridget Meeds, The Salmon of Knowledge
Carrie Shipers, Discards
Yu Xiang, 2002, I Have (translated by Joanna Sit and Keming Liu)
Zach Savich, Animal
David Dodd Lee, Calendar Series I: Wolf Spider; Calendar Series I: Romantic; Calendar Series I: The Pyramids; Calendar Series I: Porcelain
Luisa A. Igloria, Journey To The West; The Minim
Angela Vogel, Migraineur
Jason Lee Brown, Why Mr. President Loves Soap Bubbles