Issue No. 2, Fall 1999 – Contents

Editor’s Introduction







Askold Skalsky, Long Rain at Old Orchard; The Muscle Men of Vesalius
Do Gentry, and the times are cut short and the days have shortened; the day from above which has no night
Tracy Philpot, My Batterer On His Birthday
Wendy Coulter, Fall
Priscilla Atkins, Woman in a Field at Dusk
Lee Upton, M.F.K. Fisher
Jo Nelson, Clearing the Bog
Stuart J. Silverman, Picking up the Mail; Sixty-Five and Counting
Richard E. Mezo, Aubade
Ann Fisher-Wirth, Between Merced and Morning
Jeff Hamilton, Talk Show; Another Weeping Woman
Pam Bernard, Solitaire
Casualene Meyer, Widow
Paul Thiel, Vatic
Diane Wakoski, The Wild Rose (excerpt)
Elizabeth Kerlikauske, Late Thirteen
C.M. Mayo, Up in Michigan
Virgil Suarez, Lucia’s Father
Errol Miller, Fat Tuesday
Archibald Henderson, Nowhere Like Flowers
Ann E. Michael, Pang
Rustin Larson, The Town Where John Logan Was Born
Taylor Graham, Ellery in Search of Angels
Jeff Friedman, Burp Water
Charles Fishman, Dogon Figure: The Prisoner
Sally Jo Sorensen, A Widow on the Equinox
Katherine Novak, Anthocyanin
John Bargowski, Salting the Walk
Will Killhour, Heat Lightning
Margaret Shipley, The Greening of South County


Theodore Obourn, Everyone Else Was Blessed
Chris Hale, Redbird
Rita Ciresi, Miss Liberty
Timothy Schaffert, The Red Opera House
Nancy Zafris, Blip in a Limo


Catherine Rankovic, Options, Preferences, Help
Emily Strauss, Taft, California: 6:00pm


Alvaro Mutis, I Return to a Portrait of the Infanta Catalina Micaela, Daughter of King Phillip II; Short Travel Poem (translated by Anthony Edkins)
Fiama Hasse Pais Brandao, Song of My Feet; My Image (translated by Alexis Levitin