Issue No. 20, Spring 2009 – Contents

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Issue 20 Fiction

Brian Ferguson-Avery, Poetry Reading
Garth Risk Hallberg, Just Wide of the Moon
Francis Davis, Grief Marginalia
Elena Georgiou, Beef
Tom Whalen, German Female, 27
Melvin Sterne, The End of the World
Rosalie Morales Kearns, Days are as Gras


Kat Meads, Salton Sea, Dreamscape
Emilie Demant Hatt, The Autumn Migration (translated by Barbara Sjoholm)


Seth Abramson, Enough About Me
Mahmoud Darwish, Silk Veil (translated by Rewa Zeinati-Choueiri)
B.A. Wingate, Heaphy Track, New Zealand
John Savoie, Dog Day Ghazalku
Steven D. Schroeder, Hayman Wildfire Set by Forest Service Worker
Joseph P. Wood, After Baika
Phebe Davidson, Night Work
John Hart, Easter Monday
Deborah H. Doolittle, Five Owls Found on an Index Card
Joel Allegretti, Architectural Guitar Constructions
Jeff Friedman, Getting to Know You
Rebecca Ellis, The Reverend Robert Walker
Lyn Lifshin, The Other Fathers
Philip Loyd, Bread Without Butter
Nancy Powers, Last Family Vacation
Robin Carstensen, Laundromat on 51 East
George Moore, Boat To Isla Mujerés
ellen, Gatto
Nicole Gulotta, Driving Past
J.P. Dancing Bear, Still Life with a Line by Joel Brouwer
Megan Grumbling, Birches
Bette Lynch Husted, Crandall Canyon Mine: the First Funeral
Daniel J Langton, When We’re Gone
Jenny Hanning, Chicken
K. Biadaszkiewicz, Not Far to Cascais
Michael Campagnoli, The John
Michael Casey, Queenie Beany; Stage Name Flika
Peter Blair, The Day after the Coup
Brandel France de Bravo, Playa Blanca, Mexico
Liu Chang Qing, Farewell to thee Monk Ling Che (translated by David Bolduc)
Meng Hao Ran, Moored on the River at Jiangde (translated by David Bolduc)
Robert Nazarene, An Abbrev. History of the Middle East
Stephen Massimilla, About Sister
Rynn Williams, Rats
Erich Hintze, Telling Time
Menno Wigman, Big City Life (translated by Stephen Frech)
Jay Udall, There
Michelle Bonczek, The Day Idaho Disappeared
Todd Davis, Again, At Daybreak
Ed Minus, Georgia, 1949
Kayt Hoch, Mother’s Other Life
Davy Preston Knittle, Vultures
Christopher Goodrich, Confronting Plagiarism
TWIXT, Pickeral Pickle
Leonard Orr, Tel Aviv
Steve Tompkins, Last Supper
Brian Trimboli, Bouquet Pantoum
Allan Peterson, Pleasure
Ed McManis, Something Borrowed
Scott Owens, Approaching Noon