Issue No. 21, Spring 2009 – Contents

Editor’s Introduction






Issue 21 Fiction

Helena Mulkerns, A Child Called Peace
Christen Enos, Furry White Noise
Dan Pinkerton, Sea of Happiness
C.D. Mitchell, The Sheriff of Jester County
Emily M. Green, Wasps
Michael Onofrey, Fantasy is That
Timothy Ziegenhagen, Hello Arsenic


Jen Hirt, Arrived to Find
Helena Mulkerns, Asmara Book Club
Diane Glancy, A Cabin


Susan Miller DuMars, Going At It
Eric Pankey, A Scholar of Nothing
Matt Rasmussen, Oh Stethoscope
Miranda Merklein, Embodied
Gaylord Brewer, Grand Lit a Une Place; To the Wind
Laura Sabbott Ross, Jelly Beans After Chemo
John Liddy, The Bible Garden in Glenstal
MaryAnn Franta Moenck, Girl, Eye to the Ice
Nicole Higgins, Poems in Which Cy Twombly
Judith B. Herman, Eye Contact
Patrick Kehoe, Mother’s Letter
Phillina Sun, City Birds
Rustin Larson, Things the Photo Doesn’t Tell
Mark Harshmann, Blue Jays
Helen Wickes, Drinking the Blue
Robert Lowes, Waking Up
Grace Bauer, Perceptive Player
Patrick Hicks, Chinatown
Alison Kolodinksy, Since The End
Judy Kronenfield, Florence, 88, Naps with Joe, 90; The Dead
Terry Savoie, Carrying Home Mies van der Rohe’s Potted Red Geranium
Dan Memmelo, Honky Tonk Night in Suburbia
Kevin Higgins, Ourselves Again
Susan Howard Case, Walgreen 1958: Penn Station, Late At Night
Ken Letko, Virbration
Francesc M. Franch, Fear of Dots
Alex Epstein, Memory Card; A Short Report on Old Age and the Music of Celestial Bodies (translated by Beka Mara McKay)
Frencesco Petrarca, Rerum vulgarium fragmenta 45; Rerum vulgarium fragmenta 46 (translated by Lee Harlin Bahan)
Benjamin S. Grossberg, The Space Traveler’s Nightmare
Antony Di Nardo, What Ka-Boom Now Means to Me
Christine Poreba, Alight
Michael Lauchlan, Supplies
Nancy Carol Moody, Seven Views: I-40 Oklahoma
Michael S. Begnal, Dead Rabbits; Kells
Mary O’Malley Madec, At Sea
James Doyle, Macaws
Kathleen M. McCann, The Tinkers, Donegal
Alison Townsend, Red Words