Issue No. 22, Fall 2009 – Contents

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Issue 22 Fiction

Patrick Hicks, Soldiers In The Dark
Laurence Klaven, The Family Unit
Elizabeth Eslami, Totenbein
Laura Lee Smith, This Trembling Earth
Donald Lystra, Excursion (excerpt)
John A. McDermott, Your Luggage Is Your Life
Eugene Baker, The Borrower


Dan Kelty, Hermit
Tim Hunt, Plate Glass (Sebastopol, California), 1955
Edythe Haendel Schwartz, Resilience
Caleb Barbar, Hunting with a Coworker in an Undisclosed Location, Near a Lighthouse on a Large Washington State Island
James Englehardt, Iron Shirt
Jane Bouma, Color Shift
Kristen Silver, Letter (Unsigned), An Interior
Garnett Kilberg Cohen, Madonna and Child
Kara Moyer, Plums and Anodyne
Alison Morse, October Starlings
Don Thompson, Pastoral
Graciela Reyes, Retirement (translated by Jackie K. White)
John Knoepfle, low day
Josh Wallaert, Navigation
Elizabeth Rees, For Heaven’s Sake
Cecilia Hagen, Q
Sara E. Lamers, Dominican Republic, the Beach
Mary Beth ferda, Charley Emathla
John J. Dunphy, The Hungry Zen Master
Brian Simoneau, Poem with Blueberries
Cynthia Belmont, Crosley Fiver Foreign Broadcast
Karina Borowicz, A Small Notebook, Observatory
Ken Autrey, A Late Fall
James Magorian, The Viaduct
Doris Radin, I Took Branches From My Grief Bouquet
Claude Haraway, Brother Joel
Maud Kelly, Rise That We All May Rise, The Consort

The Natural Bridge Three-Part Interview

Author Dan Chaon
Editor Anita Streitfeld
Reader Jennifer Burgess