Issue No. 23, Spring 2010 – Contents






Issue 23 Fiction

Gretchen Tremoulet, Going Downhill
David Jordan, Joy for Fortune
Benjamin Rybeck, The Ferris Wheel
Justin Herrmann, Crayon Way Outside The Lines
Phil Harvey, Spooking Ralph’s Trout
Emily DiFilippo, Ciudad De Mexico, Summer 2005
Brent Krammes, Edgar’s Last Color
James Black, Hibakusha


Cynthia Webber, Lickable
Mary Makofske, A Tough One
Kevin Boyle, Locovore
CB Follett, The Jackdaws Come at Noon
Joseph J. Capista, More Photographs of American Barns
Rochelle Jewel Shapiro, Suffolk County, 1958
Mary Hower, Stealing the Quilt
Jane Zwart, The Legend of Good Aunts
Catherine Rankovic, Self-Portrait with Junk Jewelry
Jane O. Wayne, Leaving Vienna, 1938; Seven Years Later
Aimée Baker, The Killing Field
Barbara Crooker, Frida Kahlo Speaks
Penelope Scambly Schott, Morpho; Autobiography III: My Disenchanted Life
Kathleen Hellen, Double, Double
Therése Halscheid, Woman in the Wall
Daniel J. Langton, We Close Our Eyes When We Sleep
Helen Eisen, It Was Your Comment about the Bird
Jeffrey Tigchelaar, Blurbs
Craig Beaven, Is Currently a Doctoral Candidate in English
Heather Kirn, The Groom
Greg Nicholl, In This
Darin Ciccotelli, [In the animation ghettos of North Hollywood]
Jennifer Bullis, Some of what I am about to tell you is true
Cynthia Marie Hoffman, The Stork
Michael Trammell, Business College in the Great Recession


Annette Gendler, Betty Crocker in Bavaria and Other New Lives
David Meyer, Breendonk
J.T. Bushnell, Runner
Christopher Candice, Crucial Years