Issue No. 24, Fall 2010 – Contents

Editor’s Introduction






Issue 24 Fiction

Teresa Milbrodt, Tomatoes
Kevin Wilson, The One You Love
Judy Z. Ellett, Focus
Garrett Rowlan
, A Bug’s Eye View
Michael Paul Simmons
, The Red Cap
Ginnah Howard
, Potato ’89
Noreen Lace
, All the Beautiful People


Matthew Freeman, “Light My Fire” Incident; Crazy In Love
Richard Kenefic, Blessings of the Household Gods
Elizabeth Hoover, Epistemology of Crows
Greg Ott, Lil Hardin
B.Z. Niditch, Berlin Philharmonic, 1931
Chuck Tripi, Log Cabin Nut Brown
Lucy Bucknell, 1968
Rachel Mehl, The House on 284th NE
Salgado Maranhao, Pre-Logos II, Translated by Alexis Levitin
Ruth Hoberman, October
Paul Watsky, The Absurd: An Ode
Jennifer Gibson, Tao
Shannon Amidon, In Praise of Endings
Shane Seely, Excerpt from the libretto for The Murder of a Priest
Mary Cisper, Atom of Gold, Lattice of Sapphire; Lineage
Randall Mann, Detention; Public; Nothing
Derek Henderson, Stars Start to Stand Up
Adrian Matejka, “Machine Containing Jack Johnson’s Friend Wrecked”; Fisticuff Difficulty
Peters Bruveris, Oranges, Translated by Inara Cedrins
Anand Prahlad, The Harvest; Spirit Guides
Lisa Ampleman, Changes of State


Andrew D. Cohen, Kafka on the Pot
Jackson Connor, Whitling
Shura Young, A Thousand Times Rather Be Torn To Pieces

The Natural Bridge Three-Part Interview

Author Randall Mann
Editor Randy Petilos
Reader Jeff Hamilton