Issue No. 25, Spring 2011 – Contents






Issue 25 Fiction

A.H. Wald, The Beggar
Walter Bargen, Report from the National Geologic Survey to the Central Committee
Martin Cloutier, The Art of Killing the Birds
Greg Hrbek, False Positive
Anne Earney, After Work


Michael Schmeltzer, Some Nights the Stars They Sour
Josiah Bancroft, Biannual Review; The Anatomy of a Dancer
Heather Derr-Smith, Crash; Raymond Fault, Mt Lee, Hollywood
Carol V. Davis, With No Definite End
Michael Sandler, Autonomous Son
Matthew Freeman, Family Reunion Vignette; A Little Present
Mike White, Fire; Language
Brad Johnson, Hell, Michigan
Katy Miller, Hospice Patient #954: The Russian
Mercedes Lawry, Dangling from the Levee and Other Disasters
Rustin Larson, Night Troubles the Screen
Howard Schwartz, Retirement
Hari Sky Campbell, Recycled
Daniel Todd, When She Comes
William Greenway, Ulysses Comes Clean
Doug Ramspeck, Four Dancers
Britton Shurley, Memory
Boris Pasternak, Margarete Translated by Don Mager; Mephistopheles Translated by Don Mager
Ricardo Pau-Llosa, Plural
Adam Houle, The Future Timber Baron Does not Write His Wife
Lisa Zimmerman, A Shift in Perspective
John Bargowski, Patagonia
Jon Palzer, When I Left the Muse


Diane LeBlanc, Wasp Season

The Natural Bridge Three-Part Interview

Author Christie Hodgen
Editor Amy Cherry
Reader Michele Filgate