Issue No. 26, Fall 2011: The Living Earth – Contents

Editor’s Introduction







Gwen Westerman, Root Words; Where the Buffalo Roam; Awakening
Carter Revard and Margaret Noori, Triplets Duet
Carter Revard, Coming Home From Columbus
Thom Dawkings, Smalltown Sewage Systems
Philip H. Red Eagle, Alight
MariJo Moore, In the Rain – Horses
Richard Newman, Bloom of Light: Winter Spell to Revitalize Your Spirit When Days Are Dark and Gloom Settles Upon You
Laurie Klein, Storm Toads
Deborah A. Miranda, Eating a Mountain
Todd Davis, Taxonomy
John Smelcer, Returning the Gift
Layla Azmi Goushey, The Box
Dawn Dupler, Mainlining Iraq
John Struloeff, Beaver Falls
Twyla Hansen, Leap of Faith
Joshua Doležal, At the Falls
John D. Berry, Earthenware II
Alice M. Azure, Sky Medicine
Kevin Higgins, You Can Take the Man Out of Eyre Square But You Can’t Take the Eyre Square Out of the Man; Blue
Lisa Frank, Rituals; Coral Sand
Stephen Roger Powers, Coronado
Denise Banker, Pastoral
Todd Robinson, A Note at Heart Rock
James Engelhardt, Feed
Allan Peterson, Séance; Glimpse
Ed Madden, Shark
Molly McGlennen, Snake River
Donna Pucciani, Charity
Joy Arbor, Sacramento Delta
Dwight Bitikofer, Büren an der Aaare, Switzerland
Rain C. Goméz, Smoked Mullet Cornbread Memory
Christine Casson, The Jar
Daniel Tobin, A Parting Glass; A Word from the Duvet Out of Season
Rebecca Foust, Path
Rachel Trousdale, Circus
Adrian C. Louis, Dark Light; Obituary
Ray McManus, For All the Shitty Jobs I’ve Worked
Grace Bauer, Against Progress
Jacques J. Rancourt, Scarecrow
Alex Balogh, With So Many Breaths Left
Enid Barron, Family Affair
Barry Sternlieb, Burning in Spanish
Barrett Warner, Flying to Ashes
Patrick Kehoe, Woman of the West
Kathryn Kirkpatrick, The Fisher Queen; Diana


Debra Brenegan, Art is Art
John Walsh, A Bitter Taste
Susan Power, Queen of the Heavens
Tim Bascom, Floating
Kevin Clouther, Brendon and the D


Lisa Knopp , Catfish Bend
Landon Houle, The Plains We Cross


Derek Updegraff, A Charm for Unfruitful Land