Issue No. 27, Spring 2012 – Contents

Editor’s Introduction






Issue 27 Poetry

Robert Krut, Sea Salt
Nathalie F. Anderson, Celebrity
Richard Robbins, Missoula Again
Nicholas YB Wong, Perfect Existence
Josh Kalscheur, Offensive
Lucy Simpson, The He She God
Patrick Hicks, Balloon
J.D. Schraffernberger, An Excavation
Jennifer Fandel, End of Days
Angie Macri, Flight Pattern; Cahokia Seedling; Veins and Coal Fields; Black Code
B.J. Jones, Smaller than a Mustard Seed
John Hart, Echo in the Gymnasium
James Silas Rogers, Layers; The April Man
Jaydn DeWald, Red Hour
Jim Daniels, House of Drumming, House of Song; Beware of (My Father’s Fake) Dog
Elizabeth Clark Wessel, Inferno; An Incomplete List of Everything
Noel King, Exposé
Shelly Clark Geiser, Suitcase; Duct Tape
Sandy Longhorn, Cautionary Tale for Girls Kept Underground in Summer
Naoko Fujimoto, Foreign / Grey; Requiem from an Office 7,000 Miles Away
Caledonia Kearns, Crowning; The Mother is Marked
Greg Weiss, Never-Never World Map Shower Curtain
Margot Lavoie, Pilgrim
Kim Lozano, Ode to Aunt Alma’s Bathroom; All Roads Lead to Rome
Susan Firer, Dear Hippocampus; Under the Blue Angel in the Zurich Train Station


Elizabeth Chase, Gin
Paul O’Reilly, I Wish MacGowan Hadn’t Written That Song
Sheila Thorne, We’re Standing on a Shallow Sea
Alan McMonagle, Beside Titan’s Sea
Keith Buie, Lemon Meringue
Rob McClure Smith, Monk, running


Karen Babine, Grain Elevator Skyline
Eva Roa White, The Merry Go Round

The Natural Bridge Three-Part Interview

Author Kevin Wilson
Editor Lee Boudreaux
Reader Betsy Sandlin