Issue No. 3, Spring 2000 – Contents






Issue 3 Poetry

James Doyle, Ploughing
Eric Pankey, Elegy During a Season of Drought
Boyer Rickel, Desire
D.H. Tracy, Drought
Wade Savitt, July 8
Donald Finkel, A Face; Because They’re There
Olga Abella, Chismeando
Michele Battiste, House Guest
T. Maurice Sovoie, Amherst, Masschusetts: 1977
Linda Roth, The Ginsberg Caladium
Jeff Friedman, Finding the Action
Derek Webster, Cliff-Diving at Twilight
Robert Haynes, The Missing Constellation
Sarah Browning, Strawberry Rhubarb Pie
Stephanie Dickinson, Austin; Missy’s Stickup
Kevin Boyle, Off Duty
Jane McClellan, Thinking About the Self
Rich Murphy, Blanket
John R. Reed, Epilogue
Jon Marshall, The Yard
Jennifer Atkinson, Elegy for a Girl Raped in 1977
Laura Jensen, Paperweight
Melissa Fondakowski, First, Inferno
Anca Vlasopolos, Kingdom-Phylum Erotics
Theresa Pappas, Halloween at Nine Months
Kent Shaw, Hymn to Pygmalion and His Vision of Heaven
Tyrone Williams, A Day in Heaven (Procrustean Sestina)
Deborah Fleming, Note in a Book of Keats


Robert Earleywine, The Lone Ranger (Abandoned Episode)
Dan Pope, Leave
Penelope Moffet, The Poorwill’s Call
Leslie Lytle, Reasons for Burning Wood
Phyllis H. Meshulam, Contradance


Jane Hammons, Boiling the Dog’s Head


Carlos Pellicer, when at your table and on my knees (translated by Donny Smith and Michael Gregg Michaud)
Carlos Pellicer, Ode to Cuauhtémoc (translated by Donny Smith)
Cesare Pavese, Ulysses (translated by Charles Guenther)
Rachel Eshed, Portrait of a Lolita (translated by David Cooper)
José Jiménez Lozano, Homer; The Ancient Book (translated by Marilynn Rashid)