Issue No. 4, Fall 2000 – Contents

Editor’s Introduction







Sheri Steininger, Selfish
Robert E. Haynes, Inheritance
Richard Newman, Stripper Pits
Sally Longhorn, Reasons Why I Diet
Todd Davis, Fear of Flying
Jeffery Thomson, Lastica, Kosovo: May 25, 1999; The Country of Lost Sons
CarolAnn Russell, Passegiata
Ed Miller, The Whole Enchilada
B.Z. Niditch, Dutch Memory


Lizabeth Carpenter, Goes Like a Bird
Tom Whalen, Quantum Surge in O Central
Mimi Seydel, He Can Be Blind
John Griswold, Transcript of a World War I Veteran’s Narrative, Nickelton, Kentucky
Charles Wyatt, Turtles
Candace Rowe, The Man With The Twin Cadillacs
John Nielsen, Clean Time
Mark Karhoff, Monkey Drum
Jerome Edwards, Waiting For Jenny
Catherine Brady
, Light, Air, Water
Donna D. Vitucci, Lead Us Not Into Temptation
Anne Benson, Some Kind of Plan
Ryan Stone, Hotel Carnival
Mark Spencer, Talk
Kristin Stirtz, Swimming in the Rain
Ian MacMillan, A Story of Water You Could Never Tell


Kathryn Gessner, Survivor Notes
Hawk Madrone, Transgenderized
Gaynell Gavin, What I Did Not Say
Bette Lynch Husted, Coyote’s Friend Fox


Chang Chi, Moored Tonight Beside the Maple Bridge (translated by Andy Shupala)