Issue No. 5, Spring 2001: The Longer Poem – Contents

Editor’s Introduction






Issue 5 Poetry

James Yerian, Free Candy
Katherine Novak, I Wish to Stand Amazed, 1999
Harriet Zinnes, A Stop in the Rain
Patricia Corbus, The Projectionist
Michael Bowden, The Age of Discovery
Carol Guess, Bonfire
Alamgir Hashmi, Laura
J.T. Ledbetter, When Aunt Eff Came to Visit (Southern Illinois)
Frank Van Zant, Cheechako on the Kenai River, Alaska
Stfn Comack, Story from the Coral Sea
Gerry LaFemina, Poem with a Working Girl Walking Through It
Natalie Safir, Breasts
Corie Herman, Reflection
Baron Wormser, Ten
George Keithley, A Cautionary Tour of the Cellar Chamber
Eric Pankey, The Grove
Mark Halperin, Rembrandt’s Prodigal Son
Elizabeth Gauffreau, Pier 12
Miriam Sagan, Streetwise
J. Tarwood, Water
Debbie Urbanski, Thirteen Postcards to M.
Peter Streckfus, Model of a Tree Growing in the Path of a Spiral; The Celery Cutters’ Song
Suzanne Scarfone, Born in Madeira
James Harms, Loves Leaves More than Flowers
William Greenway, Dream After the Death of a Cat
Kathy Korcheck, Blue Body
Douglas Nordfors, A True Story
Rick Mulkey, Still Life with Relativity
Ken Waldman, Charlie Chaplin Goes to Heaven
BJ Ward, Bradford Gives a Lecture on the State of Modern Art to a Large, Distinguished Audience
Ann Lauinger, The Poet and the Hedgehog
John Knoepfle, clare festival of traditional singing where were you in the silence
Allan Peterson, Givens
Jon Marshall, Fireflies
Stephen Snipes, Lines After Waking Since
M.L. Liebler, Which Stone We
Christopher Buckley, Poem Freely Accepted from the Polish
Rebecca Dunham, Rite of Spring
Rochelle Holt, Seven Solutions to Surrender
Briggs Seekins, Miles of Arabian Sand


Elaine Ford, Cousins
Don Eron, The Legend of Elk Avenue
Roger Hart, Lubing
Elizabeth Kadetsky, What They Bought


Naomi Shihab Nye, Cinnamon Twist
Arnie Cooper, Ten forever
Deanna Jent, Educating Andy


Göran Sonnevi, from Mozart’s Third Brain (translated by Rika Lesser)