Issue No. 6, Fall 2001 – Contents

Editor’s Introduction






Issue 6 Fiction

Dan Pope, My Brother’s Apartment
Jennifer Haigh, Princess Palm
Jim Ray, Daniels Fireworks
Cecily Dixon, In the Playhouse of the Children
John Dalton, Experience
Darren DeFrain, Big Mike
William J. Cobb, Dark Matter
Meg Moceri, Eclipse Tonight


George Staehle, Take Me Away, Red-Winged Blackbird
Purvi Shah, Cultivation
Mary Makofske, In His Thirty-Fourth, Ultimate Summer
Philip L. Hu, Recipe
Shira Dentz, You
Brent House, Stew
Mark Johnston, In No Mode Whatsoever; The Punk Star Visits the Man Who Sells Rock Group Names and Song Titles
John C. Morrison, How the Rain Leaves
Christine Boyka Kluge, Drowned Castle
Dorie LaRue, The Divvying Up
David Salner, Spinless
Ioan Flora, Rimbaud or Somebody Else: The Second Situation
(translated by Adam J. Sorkin and Elena Borta)
Kiki Dimoula, Night
(translated by Aliki Caloyeras)


A. E. Hotchner, The Day I Fired Alan Ladd, and Other Wartime Adventures
Sybil Smith, In Praise of Chickens
Kathlene Postma, Becoming Foreign
Brian Doyle, Notes on the Poem ‘Ggfddfg’ by Joseph Doyle
B. A. St. Andrews, Phenol
Roger Hart, Runners
Elizabeth Oness, Tuesday Nights at Cherchez La Femme
Rhonda Zangwill, I Only Smoke in Prague
Harry Mark Petrakis, The Errol Flynn of Hyde Park
Michael Sinclair, Riot in the Storm House
Lela Nargi, Into the Thar
Robert H. Kneib, My Last Great Reading Binge