Issue No. 7, Spring 2002: Irish Issue – Contents

Editor’s Introduction






Issue 7 Poetry

Sandra Kohler, Women and Children;If you died
Gaylord Brewer, The Standard of Forgiveness
James Doyle, Discards
Linda Goodman Robiner, Queenie at Four
Simon Perchik, *
J. R. Solonche, Ghazal-Sonnet on House
Grace Bauer, Ghazal
Scott Cairns, The Spiteful Jesus
Sherine Gilmour, Daphne
Brian Henry, Winter Flood
Karen Koegler, Matthew Brady’s Remaining Negatives
Pauline Mounsey, Weather Signs
Mark Taksa, Eating
Twyla Hansen, Swiss Cheese


Georges Godeau, L’Hôpital (The Hospital); Fidélité (Loyalty) (Translated by Kathleen McGookey)
Henning Ahrens, Landweg (Country Way); Tier (Beast) (Translated by Mark Herman and Ronnie Apter)


Elizabeth Collins, Welcome to the Angst á Go-Go
Jon Scieszka, The Original Storytellers
Rebekah Lindberg, Strands


Elizabeth Church, Lying With Dogs
C. M. Mayo, Manta Ray
Amy Sickels, Old
Sarah Jane Shute, Restorative

New Irish and Irish-American Writing

Introduction by Ron Ebest


Nathalie F. Anderson, Country Night, County Donegal; Early Orangemen on the Road to Armagh
Edward Byrne, Cross Sections: Notes from a Memoir
Jody Aliesan, the hag of Dún Chaoin
Kevin Boyle, Begetter and Begotten
Mairéad Byrne, Postcard from Ireland: ‘A Typical Irish Cottage’
Kathleen Cain, Homage to Thomas McGreevy
Michael Coady, The Man and the Dream; Checkpoint
Rita D. Costello, Living the Night Sky and the roads that feed into each other
Greg Delanty, The Banal Birds; The Air Display Day
Eibhlín Evans, Women Talking at Ros a Mhíl
Tyler Farrell, Fissure
Susan Firer, The Butterfly Graveyard
David Gardiner, Blinds Down; Middle of Nowhere
Douglas Haynes, The Scribe in the Woods Interrupts His Work
A. S. King, Carnivorous
James Liddy, Photo; Cromwellians in Rome
David Lloyd, Warp-Spasm
Bea Mahood, The Marching Season, N. Ireland, July 1998; Deer Isle II
Ed Madden, Aisling
Sheila Sinead, McGuinness Insinuendo
Ray McManus, Shores
Julie Mullany, I Hate Country Music
Peter E. Murphy, A Story About the Father; A Dream of Ninth Avenue
Timothy Nolan, The Return
Mary O’Donoghue, Dürer’s Green Passion; Snow-Bones
Kathleen O’Toole, Portmuck Blackberries
James Silas Rogers, Three Things Remembered From the Life of Georgia O’Keeffe
Geri Rosenzweig, Saint Joseph’s Nursing Home, Ireland; A Clear Night
Tom Sexton, On the Empire Builder Heading West
Eileen Sullivan, Winter Bed
Matthew Thorburn, An Earthy Cure; Scaring Up Crows
Daniel Tobin, From Pearl Court: My Grandmother’s Apartment


Áine Greaney, Journey Home
Joanne B. Mulcahy, Clotheslines: A Nostalgic Journey
Deirdre O’Connor, From The Island


Thomas O’Malley, The Sowing Season
John McGrail, At the Tomb of John O’Hara
Michael Larkin, Every Man For Himself
X. J. Kennedy, Circling The Globe