Issue No. 8, Fall 2002 – Contents

Editor’s Introduction






Issue 8 Essay

Lee Martin, Sorry


Cary Barbor, No Shoes in the Ashram
Joel D. Molinoff, Casting Blind
Jaimee Wriston Colbert, A Song for the Prairie
Susan Hubbard, Queen of Saginaw
Tamara L. Pavich, The Vanity
Dan Pope, House on Goose Pond
Jennifer Haigh, Cutaway
Jonis Agee, Here We Are
James Charlesworth, Souvenir
Michael Czyzniejewski, The Old Country


Virgil Suárez, So Much So Like My Father; After Lorca’s ‘The Ballad of the Sleepwalker’; The Lynching Tree
E. Anderson, You Didn’t Want the Farm in West Virginia
Emily Tuszynska, Trawling
Peter Huggins, My Uncle’s Last Cigarette
Thomas Aslin, A Moon over Wings; Anywhere Near As Much
Allison Joseph, Clumsy
Martin Galvin, Daughtering
Michelle Matz, Hands
Wendy Bishop, On Orange
Gaylord Brewer, Fondler, Fetishist
Margot Schilpp, What I’ll Know
Christine Boyka, Kluge Satin Lining
Mary Makofske, Poem Sprouted on White Ground
Emily Winakur, Live Oak Decline
Lynne Burris Butler, Water Problems; Friends Contemplate What May Be All In Their Heads
Julia Rizzo, The Storyteller
R. T. Smith, The Buried Man
Jo McDougall, The Boys from Brewer Bottoms; Blue Skies
Victoria Brockmeier, coonass maenad
Rita Brady Kiefer, Other Skins
Michael Salcman, What He Must Have Been Thinking
Al Maginnes, For Townes Van Zandt (1944-1997)