Issue No. 9, Spring 2003: Genesis – Contents

Editor’s Introduction






Genesis Poetry

Donald Finkel, The Invention of Meaning
Harvey Shapiro, A Commentary
Linda Bosson, To Do
Jeffrey Hantover, God in His Youth
Veneta Masson, Creation
Maxine Silverman, Days of Awe
Ira Cohen, Genesis
Shirley Kaufman, On Clear Nights
Rivka Miriam, At Twilight (Translated by Linda Zisquit)
Rodger Kamenetz, Adam, Earthling
Marjorie Stelmach, At Mistaken Point
Dagmar Nick, For the Time Being (Translated by Jim Barnes)
Donald Finkel, Parable
Christine Boyka Kluge, Where His Teeth Have Bitten a Broken Circle
Jill Hammer, Eve Describes the Taste of the Forbidden Fruit
Jane Ellen Ibur, Just
Virginia Haynes Redfield, Serpentine
Rachelle Hosty, Letter to Eve
Ann Cefola, Trying to be Alcoholic
Gene Doty, First Flower Burst
Isaac Goldemberg, After the Fall (Translated by Stephen A. Sadow and Jim Kates)
Jeff Friedman, Cain and Abel
Dan Albergotti, Testimony
Gary J. Whitehead, Afterward
Garth Greenwell, Genesis 4
Barbara F. Lefcowitz, The Mark of Cain
Richard Chess, Black Cain
Phillip Memmer, Cain’s Wife
Matthew Schmeer, Lamech’s Lament
Jason Sommer, Sons of Adam
Walter Bargen, The Ark
Brian Taylor, Those Who Remain Unnamed
Dan Albergotti, When the World was Only Ocean
Donald Finkel, Babel
Isaac Goldemberg, Abram Dreams of Hunger in the Land of Egypt (Translated by Stephen A. Sadow and Jim Kates)
Jota Boombaba, sarah’s second honeymoon
Veronica Golos, A Tree of Dead Birds
Yiskah Rosenfeld, By the Oaks of Mamre
Donald Finkel, Lot’s Wife
DeWitt Clinton, Hospitality
Jess Burnquist, My Lot
Martin Ott, Lot
Marjorie Stelmach, Flesh and Blood
Susan Robertson, Three Grains of Salt
Tania Runyan, Esau’s Explanation
Kathryn Locey, Zilpah, Who Bore Jacob Two Sons for Her Mistress, Leah
Christopher Hennessy, The Seduction of Jacob
Donald Finkel, Jacob and the Stranger
Gretel Young Hickman, Inland Waters: Thirty-Seven Stories

Genesis Fiction

Steve Stern, Kafka’s Brain
Morton Marcus, The Mirror of Paradise
Constance Hardesty, The Woman with the Remarkable Pelvis
Barbara Yoder, Red Hot Peppers
Chauna Craig, The Genius of Apples
Margarita Engle, The Lovesick Giants
Mark Mirsky, The First Tower
Shelly Fredman, Isaac, My Laughter

General Poetry

Priscilla Atkins, Thanksgiving
Walter Bargen, Invasion of the Vandals
John Brandi, I Reconstruct Her as I Touch
Michael Castro, Bamboo; Patch of Light
Rachel Eshed, God Knows; Naked Underneath the Oriental Robe (Translated by David Cooper)
Christopher Hennessy, The Lover’s Story
Sandra Kohler, Wakings
K. Curtis Lyle, The Man Who Loved Women for One Thousand and One Midnights
Susan Rich, Change
Terry Savoie, What Happened
Joan Siegel, Thomas Hart Benton: Persephone (1939)
Katherine Smith, Oriflamme
Brian Taylor, Fractal
Linda Zisquit, Picture Window; The Quality of Mercy

General Fiction

author, title
Brian Doyle, The Cuckold 10K
Jeb Gleason-Allured, Secret Dogs
Beth Helms, American Wives
Katherine Nolte, Tightrope