Fechner Day fete

Dr. Larry J. Davis (left), dean of the College of Optometry at the University of Missouri−St. Louis, presents a certificate of appreciation to Carl J. Bassi, associate professor of optometry and director of research and graduate studies for the college. Bassi on Oct. 21 delivered this year’s Fechner Day Lecture, the 10th of the series. The title of his lecture was “Fechner Day – 2011: The 10th and 151st Anniversaries.”

The 151st anniversary refers to the day when Gustav Fechner first described Fechner’s Law, which says that one can better understand the brain by measuring behavior. When optometrists measure a patient’s visual acuity, they are using one of Fechner’s procedures. Fechner (1801-1887), a German experimental psychologist, founded psychophysics and formulated Fechner’s Law, a landmark in the emergence of psychology as an experimental science. Following the lecture, students and faculty enjoyed German chocolate cake in honor of Fechner Day.


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