Transportation expert talks tolls

Will Interstate 70 become a toll road? UMSL’s resident transportation expert Ray Mundy discussed that prospect on KTVI and KPLR Wednesday.

Driving Interstate 70 from St. Louis to Kansas City, Mo., could soon cost as much as $30 per trip, not counting money spent on gas, according to University of Missouri—St. Louis’ resident transportation expert Ray Mundy.

Mundy, the John W. Barriger III Endowed Professor for Transportation Studies and director of the Center for Transportation Studies, spoke with KTVI (Channel 2)  and KPLR (Channel 11) Wednesday about the Missouri Department of Transportation’s proposal to turn Interstate 70 into a toll road. The proposed tolls could add up to $30 a trip between St. Louis and Kansas City.

“Ten to 15 cents per mile for automobiles would be among the higher (tolls) in the country,” Mundy told KTVI.

He added, that drivers might begin taking alternate routes to avoid the pricey toll.

“Unless you’re heading to Kansas City or Denver, it’s just as easy to go north or south, and if we make a toll road expensive there will be a tremendous diversion,” Mundy said.


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