UMSL researchers (from left) Carl Bassi, Michael Howe and Wayne Garver collaborated to invent the Quantitative Three Dot Test, a handheld device to better measure visual suppression. (Photo by August Jennewein)

More than 30 University of Missouri–St. Louis faculty, staff and graduate students will be inducted into the new campus chapter of the National Academy of Inventors.

A launch celebration reception is slated for 4 p.m. April 20 in the Rotunda and Student Government Association Chamber of the Millennium Student Center at UMSL. The event is free and open to the public. However, space is limited, so interested individuals should RSVP to Michael Muskus by 5 p.m. April 16. They can contact him via email at or by phone at 314-516-4248.

The National Academy of Inventors was established to honor academic invention, recognize and encourage inventors and enhance the visibility of university technology and innovation.

“We are excited to launch a chapter of the National Academy of Inventors on the UMSL campus,” said Tamara Wilgers, director of technology, commercialization and economic development at UMSL. “This offers the university a great opportunity to recognize and encourage innovation among faculty, staff and students.”

Individuals will be inducted in two categories: Inventor members and honorary members. Inventor members are individuals listed as an inventor on an issued patent. Honorary members are individuals recognized for their support and commitment to advancing technological development and innovation, retired faculty listed on an issued patent, and those listed as inventors on a pending U.S. patent application.

Among the inventor inductees is Zhi Xu, associate professor of chemistry at UMSL, who developed a non-invasive glucose monitor, which has been licensed to a Missouri startup to commercialize the device. He’s also on the patent for developing a light scattering detector along with David Larsen, professor emeritus of chemistry. Products using this technology are on the market. The duo along with Wayne Garver, a lecturer in physics and astronomy at UMSL, all helped invent several technologies related to ultrasensitive spectrophotometry.

Also garnering recognition for their invention are UMSL researchers Carl Bassi, Michael Howe and Wayne Garver, who collaborated to invent the Quantitative Three Dot Test, a handheld device to better measure visual suppression.

“I’m proud of UMSL’s inventors and appreciate this chance to recognize their innovative work,” Wilgers said.

Since May 2005, the United States Patent and Trademark Office  has issued 23 U.S. patents on technologies from UMSL, and more than 20 U.S. patent applications on UMSL technologies are currently pending.

UMSL’s chapter of the National Academy of Inventors is open to all members of the university community, including faculty, staff, students, post-docs, alumni and affiliates, who are named as an inventor on an issued U.S. patent.

UMSL Inventor Members:
Bashkin, James K., Ph.D.
Bassi, Carl, Ph.D.
Gokel, George, Ph.D.
Harris, Wesley, Ph.D.
Howe, Michael
Liu, Jingyue, Ph.D.
Majzoub, Eric, Ph.D.
Pelikan, Martin, Ph.D.
Spilling, Christopher, Ph.D.
Walker, John, Ph.D.
Wang, Xuemin, Ph.D.
Xu, Zhi, Ph.D.
Koeller, Kevin, Ph.D.
Haitao Li, Ph.D.
Mark Lodes
UMSL Honorary Members:
George, Thomas, Ph.D.
Paul, Robert, Ph.D.
Stine, Keith, Ph.D.
Parks, Joe, M.D.
Dawadi, Surendra
Hamper, Bruce, Ph.D.
Garver, Wayne
Larsen, David, Ph.D.
Li, Maoyin, Ph.D.
Wang, Geliang, Ph.D.
Mason, Timothy, Ph.D.
Liu, Xiangfeng
Terrill, Shana
Harris, George, Ph.D.
Paranjape, Geeta
Paudyal, Mahesh
Demchenko, Alexei, Ph.D.
Nichols, Michael, Ph.D.
Wong, Chung, Ph.D.
Myra Lopez

Myra Lopez