Grobman Drive re-opens to vehicle traffic

Vehicles pass through campus along Arnold B. Grobman Drive the afternoon of July 10 after the road re-opened to through traffic. The road had been closed since June 4 to construct an underpass for a new bike trail, which can be seen at the left. (Photo by August Jennewein)

Arnold B. Grobman Drive is driveable once again.

The section of road on the North Campus of University of Missouri–St. Louis has re-opened to vehicle traffic. It was closed down in early June for a construction project. The portion of Grobman Drive directly east of Parking Lot D was closed off to cars.

Crews closed the road to build a bicycle underpass and bike path that will run east from Parking Lot D under Grobman Drive and continue east behind the north and south Millennium Student Center parking garages. It will connect with the Ted Jones Trail where it meets Grobman near Florissant Road.

Construction on the underpass is complete. Crews still have to lay the trail underneath.

The entire project is expected to be completed by Aug. 12. However, the trail and sidewalks may be open to the public sooner.

And for the people wondering what the circles near the MSC are, they aren’t helicopter landing pads as some have speculated. The roundabouts are part of a new sidewalk intersection, where MSC sidewalks will cross the bike trail.

For more details about the bike trail and underpass, read our previous UMSL Daily stories on the issue.


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