“Ornamental Iron: New Work from John Medweduff” will be on display this year in Gallery 210. The gallery's 2012-2013 season will feature 10 new exhibitions.

You know those dust bunnies that meander through your house? They get the star treatment in a new short film to be screened at the University of Missouri–St. Louis’ Gallery 210.

“Dust Studies” by Michael Gitlin is just one of 10 new exhibitions that will be featured during the gallery’s 2012-13 season. Additional exhibits taking center stage this season will include the following:

From Aug. 23 to Sept. 29, “Exposure 15” will feature artwork by St. Louis artists Heather Corley, Gina Alvarez and Deborah Douglas. The exhibit is a long-running annual series hosted by Gallery 210. The goal of the series is to present new and challenging work by St. Louis artists.

From Sept. 6 to Dec. 1, “UMSL Fine Art Faculty Biennial Exhibition (Jubilee)” will display current work from UMSL’s fine art faculty. The exhibit will come ahead of UMSL’s Jubilee Year celebration in 2013.

From Sept. 6 to Oct. 6, the gallery will present Michael Gitlin: Dust Studies,” an avant-garde short film about dust. The film brushes along the edge of what can be seen, staying close to the ground to see what gathers there.

From Oct. 11 to Dec. 1, Asma Kazmi: Playing Gender will be part exhibition, performance and public event. It will highlight a section of modern Indian society – cross-dressed biological men, eunuchs or hermaphrodites – known traditionally as hijras. The St. Louis Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender communities will assist and support the project.

From Oct. 11 to Dec. 1, the gallery will present “Semiconductor: Brilliant Noise. The art group Semiconductor will bring together images revealing energetic particles and solar wind as a rain of white noise. Information collected from satellites will be reorganized into time lapse sequences.

From Jan. 24 to March 23, Gallery 210 will feature “Peregrine Honig: New Work.” Her stylized and extreme images of women and young girls will address themes of sexual vulnerability, disease trends and contemporary social hierarchies.

From Feb. 24 to March 23, the gallery will exhibit Rebecca Baron and Douglas Goodwin: Lossless #5,” a project that will explore the possibilities of transforming and distorting images within the digital realm.

From Feb. 7 to April 13, the gallery will display “Ornamental Iron: New Work from John Medwedeff.” This overview of his work draws on his experiences and memories of landscapes and rivers from his youth in Tennessee and adult life in the Midwest.

From April 11 to May 4, the annual exhibit “Parental Advisory” will feature faculty-selected artwork by students from the Bachelor of Fine Arts program in the Department of Art and Art History at UMSL.

From April 26 to May 18, “Collaborative III,” a theme-based cooperative exhibition, will feature the work of selected students from St. Louis-area high schools.

Gallery 210 was established in 1976 at UMSL. It was named for its initial location, 210 Lucas Hall. The gallery has since grown to include three exhibition spaces and a 50-seat auditorium at its current location, adjacent to the Campus Police Building at UMSL, 1 University Blvd. in St. Louis County (63121).

Gallery hours are 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday or by appointment. All exhibits are free and open to the public.

Myra Lopez

Myra Lopez