Unwanted vehicles help support teaching, learning at UMSL

UMSL vehicle donation program

The University of Missouri–St. Louis offers a new hassle-free way to support teaching, learning and research. Launched in November, the vehicle donation program enables alumni and friends to make a tax-deductible donation of a car, boat, truck, motorcycle or other vehicle or equipment, with proceeds benefitting UMSL.

The university partnered with Action Donation Services earlier this year to offer the program to UMSL donors throughout the United States. The company has similar partnerships with hundreds of organizations, including chapters of the Ronald McDonald House, Boys & Girls Clubs, American Red Cross and Humane Society.

Kent Krober, director of planned giving at UMSL, created the university’s vehicle donation program.

“This is just another door for folks to open and help our students and faculty,” he said. “Donating this way is fast and convenient.”

There’s no cost to the donor, and the process takes a few steps.

A donor – who, for example, has an aging car that he’s not interested in selling or trading in – fills out a short online form or calls Action Donation Services. The company collects a little information, and the donor designates UMSL as the benefitting organization. Vehicle pick up is then scheduled.

The donor must have the vehicle’s title, and donated property must be transferable and free of liens. Action Donation Services provides towing and processes all documents required by the IRS and state motor vehicle departments.

“As soon as the property is sold, donors receive a tax receipt,” Krober said. “So the process is about as easy as it gets. You don’t even have to write a check.”

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