Honors College releases issue 13 of ‘Bellerive’: ‘Penumbra’

"Penumbra," issue 13 of "Bellerive," produced by the Pierre Laclede Honors College at UMSL

The Pierre Laclede Honors College at UMSL released “Penumbra,” issue 13 of the college’s annual literary publication, “Bellerive,” Feb. 22 at the Provincial House at the university.

The Pierre Laclede Honors College at the University of Missouri–St. Louis threw a party to mark two occasions on Feb. 22. The honors college released “Penumbra,” issue 13 of its annual literary publication, “Bellerive,” and kicked off the submissions collection for issue 14, which will be produced during the fall semester.

Honors college students enrolled in the “Bellerive” workshop receive course credit each fall as they select submissions and piece together the next issue of the literary publication. Robert Bliss, dean of the honors college, said “Bellerive” gives UMSL students a chance to explore the many facets of print publishing.

“It’s a huge opportunity for students with an interest in literature to serve as critics, editors and producers, and to learn – by doing – that almost any literary enterprise is in the end a cooperative process,” he said. “When you think that they see the whole process through from soliciting contributions to celebrating the launch, you can see that they have a wide spectrum of experience.”

The launch celebration of “Bellerive” issue 13 was from noon to 2 p.m. Feb. 22 in the Provincial House on the South Campus at UMSL. The event featured a reception and guest speaker. Novelist Tony D’Souza, who is teaching an honors college course this semester, served as the guest speaker.

The most recent of D’Souza’s three novels, “Mule,” received praise from Vanity Fair and Gawker. The Washington Post called his second novel, “The Konkans,” one of the best fiction books of 2008. The Chicago native has also contributed to The New Yorker, Esquire, Mother Jones, Playboy, Salon and McSweeney’s. 

“Tony’s willingness to share his insights and experiences as a writer not only celebrates the current success of the published ‘Bellerive’ writers, it offers encouragement for their future success,” said Geri Friedline, faculty adviser for “Bellerive.” “Having an intimate discussion with an established novelist helps students see themselves as part of a real literary community.”

Copies of the new issue of “Bellerive” can be purchased for $7 or two copies for $12. The title of issue 13 is “Penumbra.” Friedline said the title was selected for its sound and feeling.

“The word has multiple meanings, including descriptions of fringe regions and blending of light and shadow, which suggest mystery and intrigue,” she said. “’Penumbra’ complements the cover image and the creative works inside the book, and invites readers to explore the regions of light and shadow our published authors and artists have captured.”

All UMSL students, faculty and staff are invited to submit unpublished original creative work for consideration for issue 14 of “Bellerive.” Submissions will be accepted through June 30. Visit the “Bellerive” website for details on how to submit work.

Call Geri Friedline at 314-516-7874 for additional information or to purchase a copy of “Penumbra,” issue 13 of “Bellerive.”


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