Richard Wright (pictured left), Curators’ Professor of Criminology and Criminal Justice at the University of Missouri–St. Louis, has been an active researcher for years, studying trends in urban street crime, residential burglaries, armed robberies and carjackings. He’s used multiple methods of getting the word out about his research: the classroom, the news media, academic journals and books. But he’s never taken on cartoon form to spread the word. Until now.

Wright partnered with Epipheo, a Cincinnati-based video communication agency, in a effort to educate people about the mind of a burglar.

Epipheo’s mission is to spread awareness and truth on all subjects through short, informational videos with leading experts. And when it comes to the mind of a burglar, there really is no better expert. Wright has more than 30 years of experience researching, analyzing and consulting on criminal behavior. He’s authored several books on the topic, including  “Armed Robbers in Action” and “Burglars on the Job.”

Jen Hatton

Jen Hatton

Eye on UMSL: Sweet ride

Triton Leaders Allison Lendman, Ashley Schauwecker and Cole McWilliams take a seat in the newly wrapped, UMSL-branded red golf cart outside the Millennium Student Center.